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Tinder vs Badoo: Which is the better dating site?

Tinder vs Badoo: Which is the better dating site?

The two apps provide similar services. Users need to determine the one that gives the most value for their money. It is essential to also find out the genuineness of members in each of them. This review will provide that information plus others.

However, before reading the Tinder versus Badoo article, customers need to know that many dating platforms target particular individuals. They often permit and respect various affairs, and the two sites are not an exception.

Both websites enable unmarried individuals to meet suitable partners. If you are asexual, bisexual, or homosexual, do not shy away. Tinder accepts LGBT members.

Badoo sticks to traditional ways of being in the men or the women team. There is no section for the LGBT community. However, the website has never prevented LGBT members from joining. That implies that people will feel much more at ease revealing their sex life on Tinder.


Below is the difference between Tinder or Badoo in terms of their overall services.


The social networking website is for unmarried individuals looking for suitable partners. Users communicate and share interests. The platform emerged in 2006, and the creator was an entrepreneur named Andrey from Russia. The website’s main features do not require users to pay. The platform gets often occupied with visitors and users that registered after it emerged. The application has more than four hundred and fifty million people from one hundred and ninety nations. It is accessible in forty-seven languages. The number can vary each time.


As seen from the best Tinder review, the site is widespread among young individuals. There are millions of members on the website each day. The service emerged in 2012, and it got received well since it is straightforward. It is ideal for young adults interested in any affair. The website covers one hundred and ninety nations, and it can get accessed in thirty-four languages.

Tinder vs Badoo: Overall Reputation

Website Overall Reputation Link
Badoo Badoo app keeps growing fast since it emerged. It centers on enabling singles to meet like-minded individuals quickly. The service has comprehensive coverage and is available in many languages. It features straightforward registration activities, and it is ideal for any relationship. Check it out
Tinder The dating app is among the leading matchmaking brands. It gets run by Match Group, which also operates various other reputable dating websites. The site has high ratings. There are millions of customers, and it is perfect for young adults that are not into serious affairs. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo’s overall reputation is better than that of Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: Popularity and success rate

Website Popularity and success rate Link
Badoo The website is ideal for individuals of any age, and users can find many partners. The site gets an average of sixty million visitors each month. There are more than four hundred and fifty million users. Check it out
Tinder The Tinder success rate is high because the platform is attractive to young adults. The site became more famous fast after it got introduced. There are fifty million site visitors each month and more than four hundred million registered users. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Both websites have a large user base, implying they are famous. However, it is safe to say Badoo leads since it receives more visits each month than its rival.

Tinder vs Badoo: Target Audience and User Demographics

Website Target Audience and User Demographics Link
Badoo The site enables customers to encounter new like-minded individuals close to where they are. Most users are between twenty and twenty-eight years. Also, more than 40% of the site’s population is above thirty years. The service is available in over one hundred and ninety countries. Check it out
Tinder The matchmaking site covers almost two hundred countries. It is accessible in more than thirty-four languages, and there are more than two billion views daily. . Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo has a bigger audience than Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: Profiles

Website Profiles Link
Badoo The site profiles are not detailed since users do not answer questions and undergo personality checks. One can only pick his/her interests from a list. There is no information about politics, religion, and other related topics. The site has a rating system to encourage members to upload photos and provide profile information. People with high ratings are more visible than those with low scores. Check it out
Tinder The site features a lovely profile design. You can add a song and images. Users can even link their Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat accounts. It is not a must to provide profile information since the site is not for serious relationships. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo’s profiles are better than those of Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: scam

Website Scam Link
Badoo The site has few scams. Users can verify their accounts with photos, contacts, or by connecting their Facebook pages. You can adjust your privacy settings to control people who can access your profile. The site features a detailed privacy settings menu that allows members to change the settings as they like. You can even allow only verified individuals to contact you. Badoo spam gets prevented by using automated decisions. It does that by analyzing profiles and texts that breach its terms. Check it out
Tinder The platform has few security measures. Customers have to report malicious users or scam accounts by sending their details and their activities. The website provides verified badges, but they are only for famous people. Members may also prove their identity by linking their social media accounts to minimize Tinder spam. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo has better ways of preventing scams than Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: Sign-up Process

Website Sign-up Process Link
Badoo The platform has a straightforward registration process. However, users need to provide several details required to find suitable matches. The app can get verified to keep customers’ details safe. Check it out
Tinder The site has a swift registration process. The activity takes between ten and fifteen minutes, and users can even register through Facebook. The option allows the service to get your details instead of you providing them. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Tinder wins because it has a shorter registration process.

Tinder vs Badoo: Convenience and interface

Website Convenience and interface Link
Badoo The app is more interactive and straightforward. It has a perfect design. Users of any age will know how to use it without asking for help. Check it out
Tinder The site is easy to navigate, but premium users may need to learn some things. Check it out

Expert Opinion

The two websites tie. They both have a simple interface and are convenient.

Tinder vs Badoo: Features

Website Features Link

As seen from the best Badoo review, the site has the following features.

  1. Encounters

The feature enables users to find matches quickly.

  1. Profile rating

The function lets people rate images. Users with high scores are more visible.

  1. Lookalikes

The feature allows people to find individuals that resemble the people they like.

  1. Visits

Users use the feature to see who checks out their profiles.


Members can get a notification when someone likes their page.

  1. Favorites

Users can put the people they like on their favorite list. They can also see who added them to theirs.

  1. Profiles and games features

Besides encounters, customers can play other games. Among them are lookalikes, where the site uses pictures to find people that resemble them.

Users can also send gifts purchased using credit cards. You can even send an emoji to attract the people you like.

Check it out

The Tinder official site has the following features.

  1. Boost

The feature allows users to have more chances of meeting suitable partners. You will be at the top of the line for half an hour. The boost allows more individuals to swipe your profile.

  1. Super boost

People that subscribe to the feature stand out on the website. Your profile becomes more visible during peak hours.

  1. Super like

The site members receive one super like daily. You can send it to the person you like. Getting a premium account gives users access to more likes.

  1. Passport or swipe worldwide

Users’ location determines the people they can meet. The passport feature helps people to edit their area to find individuals from anywhere around the globe.

  1. Rewind

The feature is for individuals that have second thoughts after swiping. It helps in undoing the action.

  1. Top picks

The feature displays top users. Having access to people helps in saving time when finding dates.

  1. Traveler alerts

The feature makes the website safe for the LGBTQ community. Through it, you can get notifications any time you travel to a place that does not support LGBTQ.

  1. Noonlight

The feature is for sharing dates. You can show where your meeting will take place.

If your date goes wrong, you can send a text via an app. Emergency services will then get notified to track you.

  1. Picture verification

As seen from most dating site compare reviews, catfishing is a concern in online dating services. Verifying photos helps in controlling the action.

You can use the feature to authenticate yourself. You will need to pose for several real-time pictures. The site will then compare them with images you already posted on your profile.

  1. Swipe Night

The function lets you play a game. You can take part in selecting your adventure story through swiping. People with the same outcome after the game get matched.

  1. U

The feature enables learners to find matches quickly. It does that by placing their profiles at the top.

  1. Read receipt

When you turn on the feature, you will see if your match has received your text.

Users can buy read receipts in five, ten, or twenty packs.

Check it out

Expert Opinion

Tinder is better than Badoo in terms of features.

Tinder vs Badoo: Quality of Matches

Website Quality of Matches Link
Badoo The Badoo official site is for all generations. Users can find quality matches because the profiles contain a lot of information. Check it out
Tinder The website is for young adults interested in casual affairs. It is not easy to find a quality match. The user profiles are less-detailed, making it hard to find the most suitable partner. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo is the best in terms of matches.

Tinder vs Badoo: Best app for hookups

Tinder is ideal for individuals interested in hookups. Most of its members are below thirty, and they want to have fun.

Tinder vs Badoo: Best app for a relationship

Badoo is ideal for relationships. The site features more detailed profiles, making it easier to find compatible partners.

Tinder vs Badoo: Price Compare

Website Price Link
Badoo See how much is Badoo a month below. Users need to pay 12.95 dollars each month for a premium account. The amount paid varies depending on the subscription duration. The cost for three months is 31.95 dollars, and half a year costs 47.95 dollars. Check it out
Tinder See how much is Tinder a month below. A one-month subscription costs 29.35 dollars. A three-month membership will require 18.75 dollars each month, while six months need 12.18 dollars. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo offers better prices than Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: Fee-based Services

Website Fee-based Services Link

Premium users enjoy the following services.

  • They can see the people that like them.
  • Members can highlight their texts.
  • You can know who adds you to his favorite list.
  • You can undo your votes on the encounters game.
  • Members can go through the website anonymously.
  • A premium account allows people to contact new users first.
  • You can become a featured user.
  • Customers can send crush alerts.
  • You can improve your popularity.
  • A premium account allows people to send gifts.
  • Users can activate stickers.
Check it out

Upgrading your membership gives you access to the following.

  • You can see who likes you.
  • Members can get immediate matches.
  • You will enjoy unlimited likes. You can swipe as many times as you like.
  • Premium users can rewind their swipe.
  • You can access the Top Picks.
  • You can encounter people from any part of the world.
  • Upgrading your membership places you on top of the line.
Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo provides more premium services than Tinder.

Tinder vs Badoo: Free Services

Website Free Services Link

Free members can enjoy the services below.

  • They can search for matches using various filters.
  • You can perform a profile search.
  • You can send messages to premium accounts.
  • Users can flirt with other people.
  • One can take part in the encounters matching games.
  • You can know the people that check out your profile.
  • Users can use the lookalikes search feature.
  • You can verify your account.
Check it out

The free members enjoy the following:

  • You can download and install the dating app.
  • New users can register on the website without paying.
  • You can swipe to find matches.
  • Users can share their images.
  • You can meet people within your location.
  • You can get one super-like daily.
Check it out

Expert Opinion

Badoo offers more free services than Tinder.

Best alternative for Tinder vs Badoo

If you are not interested in Tinder or Badoo, you can try the following alternatives.

  1. Bumble

The dating service is similar to Tinder. The only difference is that after finding a match, the females are the only ones who can send messages first. The platform does that to prevent women from getting dirty texts. The chat service is available for twenty-four hours. The limit gets used to make females active. People that wish to meet new friends can use the BFF option.

Bumble app is free, but some of its functions require users to upgrade their membership.

  1. OkCupid

The dating service is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Once you register, you will need to answer many personality questions. The information you provide helps in finding compatible partners. The site has premium features like similar dating services.

  1. Plenty of Fish

The platform has nearly seventy million members. Users can check other people’s profiles and exchange messages without paying. You need to upgrade your membership to unlock more functions.

The site is straightforward. Unlike Tinder, members can describe themselves. The descriptions make it easier to determine suitable matches.

  1. Grindr

The dating service is ideal for gays, transsexuals, bisexuals, or curious individuals. It is straightforward and uses geolocation to find nearby matches. It is not a must to have a detailed profile. The site does not even have a matching algorithm, and it offers free chatting services.

Tinder vs Badoo: The Final Verdict

As seen from the Tinder vs Badoo review, Badoo is the winner. The website proved that it is better than Tinder in many aspects. New users can register quickly. There are incredible functions, and most of its services do not require users to upgrade their membership. The cost of upgrading your membership is also affordable.

Tinder app is also good since it outshines Badoo in some aspects. The service enables all users to find suitable partners. Though it is not ideal for long-lasting affairs, the young users you meet can turn out to be your soul mate.

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