Asexual Dating
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The Best Asexual Dating Sites 2021
GOOD FOR find aces and non-aces for people that don’t generally experience sexual attraction.

Best Asexual Dating sites

  1. Good for Meet local singles if you want to get a hot date right today. Phrendly
  2. Good for For those dreaming about bisexuals, trans men, women, crossdressers, and non-binary daters. TransgenderDate
  3. Good for Mindful singles can share a philosophy to expand horizons for conscious relationships. Oasis Active
  4. Good for If you don’t fear distances, join to get the hottest video dates. TinyChat
  5. Good for Mindful singles can share a philosophy to expand horizons for conscious relationships. Woosa
  6. Good for Meet local singles if you want to get a hot date right today. eDarling
  7. Good for People looking for Christian-based connections can use intelligent matchmaking for their ideal match. ChristianCupid
  8. Good for Helps grab the best Android apps for people seeking love on the go. Ohlala
  9. Good for Young folks entering into sugar babying can bring in extra cash on dates. SugarDaddie
  10. Good for The BDSM community welcomes subs and doms for horny kinks and extreme sex. Collarspace

What Makes Asexual Dating Awesome?

Asexual dating means different things to different people. The most common one is the lack of sexual desires. Generally, dating is about knowing people. It does not have to involve sex. It is the main thing that makes asexual relationships awesome.

On the asexual dating apps, you do not need to differentiate people based on whether they are attractive as dating partners or friends. At times, romance may be part of this kind of dating, and other times, it may not.

People in asexual dating can experience romantic attraction. They can fall in love with others based on looks. They may feel like touching and cuddling like their sexual counterparts. Last but not least, they may experience an emotional attraction. Another thing is that asexual individuals can get attracted to different people. The individuals can be of the same gender, opposite, and even those of multiple genders. So, you can encounter as many people as you like.

Unique Relationship Challenges for Asexual Dating

Dating an asexual can be difficult for many reasons.


The main reason that makes asexual dating hard is the lack of understanding. Most people do not know what it means to be asexual. Because of that, they see it as a problem. Looking at it that way, in turn, leads to the discrimination of asexual individuals. It also contributes to rape and sexual violence.

Not in the LGBT

Asexual dating should fall in theLGBT group, but that is not always the case. People often attempt pushing it away, leaving individuals not knowing where they belong.

Society beliefs

It is hard for asexual people to survive in societies that expect them to have sex. Most people in communities believe that relationships are all about getting intimate. It is hard for them to picture an affair without intimacy. The constant pressure makes dating an asexual feel abnormal.

Getting accused wrongly

Asexual people often get accused of being teasers. They are themselves by avoiding sex, but many do not understand them.

Is Asexual Dating Easy on the Web

Most people do not understand asexuality. There are several orientations. Asexual individuals do not feel sexually attracted to other people, but they can engage in sex. Others become sexually attracted to their partners after developing an emotional connection. Still, some might desire romance without intimacy. If you fee a romantic attraction to males, females, or a group of genders, then online asexual dating is necessary.

The number of matchmaking services that focus on asexual individuals is less. The most popular applications do not have features suitable for this kind of daters. Users will often need to indicate that they are asexual or text their potential partners. Doing that is, however, problematic. It renders it impossible to find suitable partners.

Also, even if there are asexual dating apps, they are not properly-trafficked.

The good thing, however, is that more people are becoming aware of asexuality these days. Online dating sites are trying to accommodate it. Most established dating platforms like the OKCupid are acknowledging asexuality. It has already included an option for asexuality. If more sites follow suit, online asexual dating will become easier.

How an Asexual Dating Site Functions?

Like most matchmaking platforms, asexual dating apps are straightforward. You do not have to be tech-savvy to operate them.


It is the first thing that people do when they get to the site. The process entails providing a username, email address, password, location, and birth date. Some sites allow users to register using their social media accounts. When you sign up through Facebook, you will not need to provide the registration details. The asexual dating site will collect it from your social media account.

Profile creation

It is the section where users describe themselves and what they want. Here, people can talk about their interests, body type, hobbies, etc. They can also define the person they want. The profile details are what asexual dating websites use to suggest compatible partners. The same information gets used in filtering users when searching.


The sites have various communication features. There can be video calls, text messaging, and voice services. The functions enable users to know each other better.

Blocking and reporting

When communicating with people on the asexual dating site, you might discover that they have bad intentions. If that happens, you can use the blocking and reporting features to stop them from contacting you. Most sites ensure to ban users who engage in malicious activities, and allow genuine users to keep using the service peacefully.


The asexual dating website has a customer support team. Users can contact them through email, phone number, or live chat. So, whenever you encounter any issue when using the website, ensure you get assistance.

Do Asexual Dating Apps Exist?

Yes. There are apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Asexual Cupid

It was the first asexual dating app to get created. There are more than one thousand verified members. The users are not into the sexual aspect of their dating. All they want is affection, love, romantic, and plutonic encounters.

Asexual dating involves all genders, and the application is the biggest matchmaking site for people who lack interest in sex. Users feel welcome and free to contact anyone they like on the app without getting judged. People can get plutonic friends, love, or kind of asexual affairs.

The types of users found on the asexual dating app include:

  • Aromantic: These are individuals who never have romantic attraction over people of the opposite gender.
  • Biromantic: They are romantically attracted to females and males.
  • Heteroromantic: These are people that feel romantically attracted to their opposite gender.
  • Homoromantic: The individuals who have romantic feelings for people of their gender.
  • Panromantic: The people that get romantically attracted to people of any gender.
  • Polyromantic: They are users who have romantic feelings towards several genders, but not all of them.
  • Grey-romantic: The members who will never have romantic feelings.
  • Demiromantic: These are people who can never encounter romantic feelings unless they have bonded emotionally with someone.

Most people on the asexual dating app have found companions, friends, dating chances, and plutonic love. The service is global. Users can look for matches based on various criteria. Safety and dating tips also get offered, and there are success stories from past users.

ACE app

It is another asexual dating application that enables users to find like-minded individuals. The platform is safe, and it is downloaded without paying. With the app, you can register, build a profile, explore the platform, and meet people from anywhere around the globe, chat, and date.

Which Asexual Dating Sites Do Not Require Users to Pay?

There exist both paid and unpaid asexual dating services. The ones that do not need payment include:

  1. Asexuality

On the website, users encounter over twenty thousand like-minded individuals. To join, customers must provide their username, email address, birth date, and location. Users must also indicate their gender, race, marital status, likes, religion, the gender of the person they want, and language on the profile section. After registering, you can start looking for a match. The asexual dating website also provides discussion groups. People can talk about news, lifestyles, etc.

  1. Asexual Match

The website started operating in 2009. It is among the fast-growing asexual dating apps. Besides being big, the platform has useful features. There are matching filters, friends, galleries, winks, events, a list for hot people, etc. After registering, users’ profiles get highlighted on the website for others to see them.

  1. Asexual dating website

The site aims to offer a safe platform where users will not feel pressured to engage in sex. People can enjoy meeting like-minded individuals from any place around the world. The website utilizes SSL encryption to keep private details safe.

  1. Asexual chat

The dating service is related to the Asexual Cupid website. The site aims to facilitate entertainment and communication. It utilizes location, interests, and lifestyle to match users. When you get the person you like, you can use the Meet function to communicate with him/her. The asexual dating site takes security seriously. All profiles get verified before appearing to other users, and the customer support team works around the clock. You can reach them via email or phone number whenever you need help.

  1. Asexualitic

The website features options like searching, editing profiles, checking albums, reading alerts, forum topics, and uploading pictures. Users can search for matches based on gender, location, age, language, race, body type, eye color, and hair color.

The site focuses on building platonic affairs. The users are asexual, celibates, or frustrated individuals.

How to Determine the Best Asexual Dating Site?

Online platforms differ a lot, even if they have similar services. To narrow down your search when looking for the right asexual dating site, below are the things you must consider.

  1. Cost

There are both free and paid services. The ones that do not require users may sound great, but they have downsides. For instance, it is possible to find many fake users.

  1. Population

The number of users also matters when picking the right asexual dating service. If there are many users, it implies that there are high chances of finding a match. Note that some sites can have many inactive individuals as well. So, the platform with a high population can become less effective.

  1. Features

The main functions to consider include communication, searching, matching, events, etc. Those are the features that enable users to have a great experience on an online asexual dating platform.

  1. Usability

The website must be interactive and easy to use. Nobody wants to spend so much time learning how it works. It should be easy to register, search for suitable matches, and communicate with anyone.

  1. Mobile service

Through apps, people can date online from wherever they are. Any asexual dating site without a mobile option is likely to discourage users. There has to be an app for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Safety

Online platforms require a safe foundation. Check if the site you choose verifies users. The site should also have the blocking and reporting features to help users prevent malicious people from contacting them.

  1. Customer support

A good dating service must have excellent support representatives. These people should work around the clock to ensure that users do not experience any challenges. They must be able to attend to stuck customers within the shortest time possible. Ensure to check if they have faster ways to contact a support representative. The best communication ways include live chat, phone number, and email.

Top Asexual Dating Tips

As mentioned earlier, asexual dating is not easy since most relationships involve sex. Below are a few tips to help you succeed.

  1. Mention facts

If you find a match online, tell him/her upfront that asexuality is not an abnormality. It isn’t a permanent orientation, either. According to experts, people can lose interest in sex because of psychological problems. Your partner needs to know what makes you lack interest in sex.

  1. Attraction laws

The match you meet on the asexual dating site should know you find him/her attractive. So, tell him/her what you find attractive. It could be how he/she communicates, the personality, or anything else.

  1. Activities galore

Consider scheduling activities when dating an asexual. Determine what interests both you and your partner. For instance, you might find that you love watching movies. So, you can plan on going out to watch one. Other things that people may have in common are sports, traveling, etc. Whatever it is, create a plan for how you will do them together.

  1. Communication

Talking without hiding anything is necessary for a relationship to grow and last long. You need to discuss your sexual needs and limits. If your partner doesn’t respect what you want, it is better to find someone else. Several online asexual dating services can help you get a compatible match.

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