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FABSWINGERS REVIEW: pros, cons and featured

FABSWINGERS REVIEW: pros, cons and featured
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2 650 000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It can almost be classified as free to use the site.
  • Allows room for events listing.
  • Possesses an interesting feature labeled “Meet Today" for immediate dating.
  • The presence of burdensome ads could be vexing.
  • The site's design and layout are quite old-fashioned when compared to modern dating sites.

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Fabswingers is a dating site with a specially crafted niche for swingers. Just as the name implies, this platform is fabulous at providing you with the ideal swing partners. This provides a solution for romantic couples who are hell-bent on adding extra spice to their relationship as it allows each partner to gain sexual gratification from different individuals in ways they have never experienced with each other.

How Many Languages Does Fabswingers Support

The main language on the site is English.

Who Owns Fabswingers?

The rights to ownership of Fabswingers belong to Winchester Consultancy Limited, a renowned information technology service company known for its ability to proffer solutions to rising situations using the latest technology.

So Where Is Fabswingers Based Now?

The site’s offline location is pitched at Winchester Consultancy Ltd, 4 Old Park Lane, London, W1K 1QW.

When Was Fabswingers Founded?

Fabswingers has been adding value and providing solutions to numerous relationships worldwide for more than a decade, as it was established in the year 2006.

Is Fabswingers Available Worldwide?

Despite the site’s rapid growth in membership base and its ascension on the ladder of prominence, it has quite a limited outreach to the world. It’s only available in English-speaking countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Is Fabswingers Available Worldwide?

Special Features

Despite being a free site for all, the site possesses its unique features. As special features attached to a site, most times serve as the distinction between the site and other dating sites. To this effect, Fabswingers possesses a feature tagged “Meet Today.”

Meet Today

The unique feature on this site is the “Meet Today” feature, as it allows you to search for prospective sexual partners and make a request for them if you need them quickly. It allows room for choice specification and chats. The only members allowed access to this feature is those who have been on the platform for at least 72 hours.

Audience Quality

The site’s target audience is solely aimed at couples in search of group sex and other swingers who yearn to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Although the site is open to all, its membership base is dominated by mostly the UK and the US residents. Presently, the site boasts an estimated 5 million people, with over 130,000 individuals actively involved daily. There is also a glaring dominance of active male members on the site.

Age Distribution

A recent statistical review carried out shows a large percentage of the members fall within the age range of 45-54, while a lower percentage of the members fall within the age brackets of 18-24 and 55+ and above.

Fakes And Scammers

The presence of fake accounts on Fabswingers website is a distant impossibility, therefore blocking the basic route for intrusion by scammers. As strict security measures have been taken and heightened security protocols to thwart any possible occurrence.

Mobile App And Website

In recent years, most dating platforms have inculcated the idea of creating their apps to enhance their outreach worldwide. While most dating sites own mobile apps, Fabswingers created for its users a mobile web app with the website as its core source. The mobile web app can only be accessed using a mobile browser.

Fabswingers App

There was no mobile app accredited to this platform and no obvious intention portrayed by the developers to create one, as at the time of writing. Although the platform possesses a mobile designated app in its mobile web app, it can’t be classified as a mobile app in the same breath.

Fabswingers Website

The introduction of the Fabswingers website marked the beginning of this problem-solving platform. It is free and easily accessible by the platform members. In times past, it has served as a social networking site to swingers worldwide. Though it has an outdated interface, it still proffers solutions to various individuals by providing them with the perfect swinging experience.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer

With no mobile app now, the only way to reach the site is to use your PC for mobile web browsers.

Which Browser Supports Fabswingers?

The site can easily be accessed using any browser of your choice, but to access certain features in the chat room like the live cam. You are required to use Flash-enabled browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site

Most members on the platforms at a point in time had to go through this difficulty in accessing the site due to their browsers’ restrictions on adult content. This can be solved by contacting your network provider to verify your age and eliminate the block placed on adult access.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site


The site’s interface is quite simple, with no smart design or patterning. Although this may appear like a flaw to the tech-savvy young members, this specifically entices those with little or no knowledge of updating technological trends. They can easily find their way around the site.

Registration Process

For a swinging site tagged as free to use, the registration process is quite simple and straightforward rather than complicated. Signing up for Fabswingers could be done within 5 – 10 minutes. The process requires every intending members to answer a set of questions. This includes username, password, gender, email address, and other important details. Once this is done, you will be sent an email for account verification.

Notwithstanding, to gain access to the site, you still need to pass the photo verification. Here, you are required to upload a photo of yourself with your face visible and your hands holding a paper with ‘fabswingers.com’ and your username. Verification of this photo could take up to 3 hours.

Can I Unmatch A Fabswingers Member?

Members on this platform have a right to unmatch those who they don’t want to view their profile. To block a member on the platform, click on ‘Account,’ at the bottom, you will find the ‘Block List.’ Click on it. Then, block the member from gaining any access to you by adding them to your blocklist.

How Should You Be To Register On Fabswingers?

The minimum age for membership on this platform is 18 years; any intending member below the minimum age stated won’t be granted access to the site.

How Can I Verify My Account?

Account identity verification on Fabswingers is done by utilizing a meticulous and extensive photo verification process. This is the main reason for the absence of false accounts on the site.

How Can I Verify My Email?

Immediately after you complete the registration process, an email with the message ‘click here to verify’ will be sent to the email address you had earlier provided. All you need to do is click on it, and your email will be verified.

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account?

This platform doesn’t allow room for registration via Facebook account and only recognizes its adopted registration procedure.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Signing up for Fabswingers is viewed as the key to the boundless freedom the site offers. As much as the site is accessed for free, you have to register to be recognized as a member.

Profile Set-up

The profile set-up adopted here can very well be classified as freehand, as every user is bestowed the jurisdiction to build their profiles as they deem fit. Most profiles on the site are well detailed and tell a lot about the member, and play a huge role in determining swing partners. Hence, you must be spot on with your profile. Your profile should include your age, location, sexuality, and a few other specifics.

Can I Delete A Photo Uploaded On Fabswingers?

Fabswingers allows its users the liberty of taking down pictures at will. On this platform, users are only entitled to deleting one picture at a time; this could be quite tedious. The deletion of pictures on this site can be done by going to ‘Manage Photos’ and clicking on the pictures’ red delete inscribed button.

How Do I Edit My Username On Fabswingers?

Changing your username is pretty much one of the easiest things to do on this platform. Firstly, go to your profile page, then click the blue menu on the left. This links you to the text field specified for username. Delete the previous username, then insert your new username of choice and save it.

How Do I Edit My Username On Fabswingers?

Is There An Option To Delete Your Fabswingers Profile?

You can always delete your account whenever you see the need for it, as no restrictions are preventing you from doing so. To delete your account, click on the ‘Profile’ tab; you will find the delete option there.

What Happens If I Disable The Show Me On Fabswingers Option?

The “Show Me On Fabswingers” option serves as an indicator of your presence on the site. Disabling this option will portray your account offline on the site, which would prevent other members from telling your offline or online status.

Can I Delete The Information Already Submitted To Fabswingers?

Members on the site can delete previously provided information on the site without limitation, but it can’t be recovered once it is deleted.

Searching for members on this platform is effortless because you can find a member through one of these ways: Couple or Single, Age brackets, the nearest town, or city using the search function.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Fabswingers If You Are A Free Member?

This platform doesn’t allow you to see members; you see those who have hotlisted you. For a member to hotlist you on this platform, it means the member likes you. So, it’s quite unfortunate you don’t get to see who does.


Fabswingers offers its users a variety of ways to get in touch with one another. You may choose to utilize the advanced chat function or use the old-fashioned messaging option. Sending photos to and from members of the platform are permissible.

There’s also a general chatroom split into locales if you yearn for members within your vicinity. You could choose to also appear in a member’s live cam. Joining already existing forums is also allowed, or you could choose to start one yourself.

How Can You Start Messaging Someone On Fabswingers

Using the search function, look for a member with certain attributes of your choice. Click on their username, then send a direct message. It is that simple.

How Can I Message Someone

You should message members that share similar interests with you. Try to go through the member’s profile before attempting to message them. This increases the likelihood of getting a reply back. Also, do not use vulgar words to start your messages. Be simple and wise in your approach.

Is Messaging Free

Sending messages on this platform is free, with no visible or hidden charges attached. For the average member, you can send as many messages until the limit is reached, which takes quite a long time to attain. But, for the site supporters messaging is unlimited.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me

Any member on Fabswingers can easily message you if you appear on their search results, barring those whom you had previously blocked. Once a message is sent to you, it can be seen using the messaging option. After you have seen the message, you can choose to either reply or ignore it.

How Do I Use Camera On Fabswingers

The camera attached to your access device becomes useful when utilizing the live cam option on the site. This implies that after you decide to do a live cam by clicking on the function, the site assumes the immediate responsibility of activating a connection via your device camera.

How Can I Filter Those Who Can Message Me

Some members on the platform could be a source of annoyance on this platform, and to this regard, the ‘Message Filter’ was created. This filter helps you regulate the members you allow and those you don’t allow to send you messages.

How Can I Filter Those Who Can Message Me

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Payment can be made using: Credit Card, Text, or Paypal.

Free Membership Features

Fabswingers is fashioned in a way that suits all and sundry by providing them a free swinger oriented platform. Almost all the features here can freely be accessed without paying a dime once you become a registered member. In comparison to other dating sites, Fabswingers allows room for messaging of members without being on the paid membership plan. The freedom given to the members is what endears them the most to the site.

Premium Membership Features

Although the site is free to use, you can support the site financially. Fabswingers offers its users the choice to upgrade to either the Gold or Silver membership subscription plans. The Silver membership plan allows its subscribers to add more photos to their profile. They can also view more extensive photo collections of other members. While the Gold membership plan offers all that Silver members are entitled to with some additional advantages. For an affordable fee of 8 USD, you can become a Silver member for 60 days or a Gold member for 30 days. The choice is all yours.

Does Fabswingers Offer Premium Membership?

In contrast to other sites whose best features are locked in their expensive premium plans, Fabswingers offers its users full access to all its features, with only a few features set aside for the premium members.

How Do I Cancel My Fabswingers Membership?

Cancellation of a paid membership plan is allowed here if you do not agree to certain modifications (given that neither minor nor require regulations or law application). If this criterion is met, you can bring an end to your subscription by filling out the necessary form.

Is Fabswingers Membership Auto-Renewed?

Both membership plans on this platform do not auto-renew as they are both set to be a one-time payment. So, as a member on the platform, you alone hold the membership plan renewal power.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

For a refund of unused time to be activated, the member must have stated tangible reasons for requesting a refund. Once the request is looked into and deemed to hold water, the member is given the refund requested.

Is My Support To Fabswingers Automatically Renewed Every Month

Every Fabswingers supporter holds the right to renewing their support on the platform rather than imposing on them an automatic renewal system.

I am not satisfied with Fabswingers. Can I Get My Money Back?

This platform was created to satisfy the pressing needs of the many swingers on its site. But, if it happens to be you are not satisfied with the service offered, you can always state reasons that portray how the site didn’t live up to your expectations. If it is considered substantial, you will be given back your money.

How Will My Fabswingers “Support” Appear On My Credit Card Bill

The support appears on the credit card bill as charged as “emppay.com *Winchester +18668325737”. Any other appearance derailing from this could be tagged as an anomaly and be given immediate clarification.

How Will My Fabswingers “Support” Appear On My Credit Card Bill

Can I Give Support To Other Members?

Support can be given to other members on the platform based on your discretion. Although it is worth noting, the site can’t be held responsible for any awry transaction.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month

The length of the support duration is highly dependent on the member giving the support. You can choose to give support for one or two months. It all boils down to your readiness to give support.

Is Fabswingers Really Safe

By verifying every member’s email and photo, Fabswingers assures its members of safety as they make use of the website. In addition to this, other on-site security measures are put in place to curb fake accounts.

Privacy In Fabswingers

Once you complete your registration to the platform, ensuring your personal information stays private becomes a top priority even as the site processes your information according to its privacy and cookies policy.

Are Fabswingers Chats Encrypted

Fabswingers website is equipped with an SSL certificate security plan. This secures the data and information transfer that occurs during a member’s chat.

Can Fabswingers Track You Down

Due to the influx of information given by every member on the site, tracking each site’s member becomes quite achievable by the site. But, based on its terms and conditions on privacy and safety, this leeway can’t be exercised.

Can Fabswingers Be Traced Down By The Police?

This brand is viewed in the public eye as a legal entity, with the site boldly affirming its legal authorization from the year 2006. The agreement in place protects the members on the site from personal detail intrusion, and if ever an infringement to this pact was observed. The police have the full backing to trace the site down.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Issues Regarding My Privacy?

Fabswingers has a very functional “contact us” team, always available 24/7 to provide answers to the questions you have to ask, be it on privacy or anything else.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Issues Regarding My Privacy?


For safety purposes, the real names of members are not allowed in the profiles. Also, to hinder fakes and scammers from accessing the site, only members who have spent at least 72 hours on the platform can use the “Meet Today” feature. Additionally, the site allows its members to wield their power with the “Remove” page. This enables users to take down personal information before exiting the site.

Are Fabswingers Forum Threads Moderated?

It should be noted that all forum threads and live chatrooms on this platform are moderated to ensure strict adherence to the laid down code of conduct. Hence, every member must be aware of the restriction of the permitted content.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Solicits For Money?

Once an activity of illegal soliciting of funds is reported on Fabswingers, a thorough check is carried out on the alleged violator’s account. If proven guilty, the account will be blocked from accessing the site.

Banned Account

Accounts on this platform can only be banned once a breach in the code of conduct is observed.

Why Can’t I Access Fabswingers?

For a beginner attempting to join the platform, it must be emphasized that you can’t access the main site without registration. Also, even registered members are denied access once they infringe on the set rules and regulations.

How Long Are Fabswingers Ban?

Fabswingers accord bans duly to the violators based on the level of their infringement. The ban duration could range from a weekly to a permanent suspension.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account

Only accounts with a fixed time frame for restoration can be reactivated. Reactivation of suspended accounts is wholly dependent on the weight of your infringement and the disciplinary action duration. It must also be stressed: the violator has no bestowed power to reactivate their account; only the site moderators have this authority.

Protect Yourself

Members on the Fabswingers are implored to protect themselves daily even as they interact with the site members. Every member on the platform is obliged to ensure they are cautious in all their dealings on the platform.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer

Once you observe an account on the platform, exude scamming potential, alert the moderators to report any suspicious activity. After verification of the allegation as true, the violator is blocked permanently.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted On Your Fabswingers Account

Any information considered as defamatory, privacy invading, threatening, misleading, abusive, deceptive, hateful, or racist regarding the site isn’t acceptable for posting.

Help And Support

It is not a rarity for members on the platform to have difficulties revolving around the site’s service. Fabswinger’s most outstanding attribute is the ever-present nature of its support team, as they have a reputation for 24/7 availability and swift problem-solving responses aimed at giving its members pure satisfaction. Also, the FAQ’s section on the swift is quite detailed and enlightening.

Help And Support

Real Life Reviews

The Fabswingers Reviews given by previous and recent members on the platform prove one thing: the brand is true to its word when it promises its users a fun, free, and fabulous experience. Here are some reviews that are given by the excited testifiers:

  • “The lengths the site goes to protect its member’s information is definitely worth applauding.”
  • “I can confidently say with the site’s security and disciplinary action policy, scamming is a thing of the past.”
  • “The site possesses very useful bots that make functions execution easier.”

Is Fabswingers The Best Dating Site/App

When it comes to the world of Swingers, Fabswingers is easily seated in the upper echelons due to its consistency over the past years. But, to be rated as the best certain heights need to be attained, starting with upgrading to the latest technology and adding more style to its old website layout.

Is Fabswingers Safe?

Besides, providing a fun, free, and fabulous interactive and enjoyable atmosphere for its members. The safety of each individual registered to the platform is also a top priority. And to this effect, the lengthy verification process, code of conduct, and disciplinary action were put in place. So, this is a safe environment.

Is Fabswingers A Hook-up App?

Just as Facebook gives its users with a platform to make new friends, so does Fabswingers but in a different context as it provides its members with a leveled meeting ground to meet other swingers. In a few words, Fabswingers can be termed a hook-up app for swingers.

Is Fabswingers Free

The free to access nature of Fabswingers is its most fascinating and endearing quality. This is the main reason for its ever-increasing daily membership; virtually all its features are accessible to its members for free.

Are There Fakes or Scam Members On Fabswingers

Every member’s interest and safety on this platform are essential; the utilization of varying degrees of security protocols prevents the site from becoming a breeding ground for scam members.

Alternative Sites

Providing a platform for swingers is a vision shared by Fabswingers and other sites like Adult Friend Finder, Fuckbook, Fetlife, Swinging Heaven, and a few others.

Alternative Sites

Contact Information

Company Name: Winchester Consultancy Limited.

Address: 4 Old Park Lane, W1K 1QW London, United Kingdom.

Email: support@winconltd.com.

Phone: 3333321821.


For singles and couples who crave to convert sexual fantasies into real-life action, Fabswingers offers you a platform to bond with swingers like yourself who share similar craves. The site promises to give its members a fun, free, fabulous, and memorable experience and has lived up to expectations since its inception in 2006.

What makes the whole experience surreal is the freedom allotted to every member, as it allows access to features that would only be accessed by premium members on other dating sites. This is a site for those in dire need of an amazing sexual experience with no holding back.

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