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MeetMindful Review: Is It A Great Dating Site?

MeetMindful Review: Is It A Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 78%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 18-50
Profiles 12.879.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A good choice of like-minded persons;
  • One of the best places to start romantic relationships;
  • Facebook signup;
  • Free browsing;
  • Verified users.
  • A buggy and slow mobile application.

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MeetMindful turns out to be a young dating project. Its primary mission is to bring mindful people together. A significant number of singles all over the world stick with this website as it is a good place to find love or friendship. The dating project MeetMindful focuses on highly conscious people. As a rule, such people pursue a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Who’s The Owner of MeetMindful?

It’s run by Amy Baglan.

Where Is MeetMindful Headquartered Now?

Its main office is situated in Denver.

When Was The Company Started?

MeetMindful was established in 2013.

Is The Dating Site Accessible For International Users?

Even if you are a foreigner, you can join this popular dating site. However, you should speak English to be able to use it.

How Many Languages Does The Dating Platform Support?

Unfortunately, English is the only supported language on the platform.

How old should you be to register on Match Ocean?

MeetMindful Special Features

Today, many dating websites come up with special features. As a rule, only paid users can use this extra functionality. It enables them to achieve more significant results in dating. The MeetMindful website also offers several worthy features, which can greatly improve your matchmaking effectiveness. With the MeetMindful review, you can explore the tastiest functionality of the site.

Browse Mode

Using this feature, you can view a lot of MeetMindful profiles at the same time. If you find some of them interesting, just save this stuff to get back to it later.

Advanced Search Filters

Using them, you can easily have matches filtered, taking into account their intentions, inspirations, lifestyle, etc. Certainly, this feature ensures a very high level of compatibility.

Chat with Anyone

If you are a premium member of the resource, hurry up to take advantage of this awesome communication feature. It’s a good way to message anybody on the dating portal. Even if you haven’t liked a person yet, you can reach out to him or her using this feature.

Learn who’s Premium

Thus, you can easily spot premium folks among your matches. Only premium users have the possibility to reply to messages on the portal. Your awareness of their subscription will help you to communicate more effectively on the platform.

Audience quality

Audience quality

It’s one of the best places for mindful users in the network. Although it’s a relatively new dating project, it has already managed to attract approximately 300,000 users from all over the world. The vast majority of MeetMindful users come from large US cities.

As for the gender proportion on the dating platform, it’s not even – female users dominate the website. However, it will help you find a good match on this dating portal if you are a male. As a rule, those who come to this Internet resource want to start long-lasting serious relationships with highly conscious users.

Age Distribution On The Dating Platform

The age group of 25-34 prevails on this dating website. Respectively, if you are looking for younger partners, you will have a decent choice of them on the site.

Scammers And Fake Profiles On The Portal

Fortunately, the MeetMindful website doesn’t have many fake profiles and scams. First, the site administration makes a huge effort to drastically minimize their number on the platform. Secondly, scams usually stick with regular dating resources, in particular, those offering hookup connections. MeetMindful greatly differs from them. Here you can mostly see people of high moral standing who don’t seek any material benefits. It makes them a hard objective for scammers.

Major Versions Of The Dating Project

Before making the first steps on a dating platform, newcomers usually want to learn about its main versions. Like other modern dating sites, MeetMindful also offers a full-fledged website and its light version – a mobile app that can be run on your smartphone.

MeetMindful App

It would be safe to say that the app looks gorgeous. It is available for both iOS and Android users and looks just great. Though the rates are not complimentary so far, it has all it takes to top up the list of classy dating apps.

MeetMindful Website

MeetMindful Website

The Browse section is used to seek matches who share the same preferences as you. If you acquire a premium subscription, it will become possible for you to have your matches filtered via numerous criteria. If you like a MeetMindful member, feel free to message this person or send a like.

To socialize with other MeetMindful users, you require a premium subscription. It’s possible to chat at no cost, but this option is limited on the portal. It implements geolocation to spot matches for you. Of course, when moving to another city, you can have your location changed, thus informing other MeetMindful users that you are no longer available in the place you stayed before.

Today many dating resources offer their members to choose partners using a swiping feature. MeetMindful members don’t rely solely on the appearance of matches offered by the search algorithm. Proposed previews of potential partners come with summaries of their basic personal information, so you could have an idea of who these people are.

Is It Possible To Use The Mobile App On My PC?

You can’t do this because these are different versions of the MeetMindful dating portal. You can launch the app only on your gadget.

What Browsers Are Supported By MeetMindiful?

Any web browser is 100% compatible with this site.

I’m struggling to access MeetMindful. What’s wrong?

Most probably, you are facing a technical issue. Make sure other sites load normally in your browser. If you are dissatisfied with the load speed, contact your Internet provider.



Once you come to the portal, you realize that MeetMindful caters to millennials. A well-built modern layout with soft earthy tones creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

The site design is fairly laconic, not to bother the audience with excessive elements. You know, other sites are overwhelmed with popping up nightmare that distracts members. On MeetMindful, you won’t find any annoying elements except for those you really need.

Registering An Account With MeetMindful

In fact, there are two ways to become a registered member of MeetMindful. First, you can undergo a standard registration procedure that suggests the verification of your identity. Alternatively, it’s possible to sign up via Facebook. In this case, it will take you a couple of clicks to register. During registration, you will be offered to answer several questions. However, you can skip them to get back later. Keep in mind that your profile will be low informative if you ignore these questions. During the registration procedure, you will require disclosing your sexual orientation and preferences.

How Can I Unmatch A MeetMindful Member?

If you, for some reason, don’t want to see somebody in your match list any longer, simply get rid of this match by clicking on the Remove button.

What’s The Minimal Age To Join MeetMindful?

If you haven’t reached the age of majority yet, you aren’t allowed to register on the site.

How Can I Verify My MeetMindful Account?

The site offers email verification.

How Can I Have My Email Address Verified?

The procedure is quite standard for this type of verification. You will get a confirmation message with a link. Click on it to complete the process.

Facebook Registration: What’s The Point?

Registration via Facebook is very advantageous for everybody who wants to join MeetMindful. Verification isn’t required in this case. What’s more, you can upload photographs to your profile from Facebook.

Can I Use MeetMindful Without Registration?

The dating platform doesn’t permit this.

Working On A MeetMindful Profile

Working On A MeetMindful Profile

If you want to achieve good results on this dating platform, the easiest thing you can do is to make your page detailed enough. It will make MeetMindful members get back to your page over and over again. Handling essay-type questions when completing your profile may take be time-consuming, but it’s worth doing anyway. Blank profiles have no chances to attract matches. If you have good writing skills, it will not be a problem for you to make your page stand out. Just vividly illustrate your personality from all angles, presenting yourself as a unique mindful single.

On this site, people pay more attention to how users describe themselves, while pictures play a smaller role here. This website offers its members an excellent opportunity to describe themselves – over half the page is allocated for personal information.

I’ve Just Uploaded A Picture To The Portal. Can I Delete It?

Of course, you are free to delete pictures from your photo album.

How Can I Have My Nick Edited?

To do this, go to your page, click on the button “Edit” next to your username, type a new one and then click on “Save.”

Can I Delete My MeetMindful Profile?

In the Settings section, you should click on the button “Delete my account.”

I’ve Just Disabled The Option “Show Me On MeetMindful.” What Will Happen To My Profile?

It will make you anonymous. So, no one on the portal will know that you are currently browsing their profile.

I Want To Delete The Information Submitted To MeetMindful. Is It Possible?

For this purpose, you require editing your page. You can either delete what you have written there or add anything new.

MeetMindful Member Search

There’s nothing difficult in finding users on the MeetMindful portal. What you should do on your part is to pay money. It will give you access to the advanced search feature. Otherwise, you will have to put up with what the portal offers for free – just daily matches based on basic search criteria.

In numerous MeetMindful reviews, users appreciate the fact that the dating website takes into account their location. As a result, it’s very easy to seek potential partners nearby. Undoubtedly, that’s an enormous advantage for those who dislike long-distance relationships. What’s more, local dating greatly saves money and time.

You will deal mostly with genuine people on this portal because the site admins have each page thoroughly scrutinized.

Can I See MeetMindful Users Liked By Me?

You can find this data on your page. The website offers detailed statistics on the actions of other members on your page.

Are There Enough Search Options On The Site?

Only premium users can use the best search options. The advanced search feature offers you fantastic matchmaking possibilities. For example, you can filter their preferences, personal qualities, lifestyle, etc.

Furthermore, this tool enables you to view several profiles at the same time. Besides this, you can also filter premium MeetMinfdul members. It’s clear that those who have already purchased the premium package have serious intentions. So, by filtering them, you can get a sufficient number of potential partners.

Is It Possible To Learn That Somebody Liked My Profile For Free?

Unfortunately, only premium users can see this.



From this section of the MeetMinfdul review, you will learn how to socialize with users on this dating platform.

How Can I Start Communicating With Other MeetMindful Users?

Before you get down to messaging on the MeetMindful website, make sure you are a premium member. Otherwise, your communication capability will be limited on the platform.

How To Contact People On MeetMindful?

The dating platform offers a good choice of communication options such as chat rooms, liking, messaging. With a free membership, you’ll have a hard time communicating with other MeetMindful users. Let’s see what you can do as a free member of this dating resource. As soon as you have looked through somebody’s page, you can have it liked. If that person likes your page, too, you can message the user at no cost.

The number of matches created this way can’t exceed ten per day if you are a free member. Respectively, if you want to remove this restriction, become a premium user. In this case, you will be able to view as many profiles as you wish and message anybody.

Can I Send Messages Free Of Charge?

It’s possible to do this at no cost, but this option is limited. You and the member with whom you’d like to communicate should have each other liked.

How Can I Learn Who Messaged Me On This Portal?

On the top of the page, you will see a corresponding notification of the incoming message. Click on it to learn who sent you a letter.

How Can I Use My Camera On MeetMindful?

If you invite a member to a video chat room or somebody has invited you, this device will enable you to see your partner in real-time.

Can I Filter My Interlocutors On The Portal?

If you don’t want somebody to contact you, just add this person to your blacklist.

MeetMindful: Payment Options And Pricing

MeetMindful: Payment Options And Pricing

If you intend to become a paid member of MeetMindful, ensure that the following pricing fits your budget:

  • For $80, you can purchase up to six months of the premium subscription;
  • Three months will cost you $50;
  • You can purchase a month for $30;
  • A week of the premium subscription is worth $15.

A credit card is the only way you can pay for premium services on this dating website.

MeetMindful Free Features

As a free user of MeetMinfdul, you can:

  • Seek partners with a basic search filter;
  • Register with the website;
  • Like three profiles on a daily basis;
  • Have ten match suggestions every day;
  • View articles;
  • Message other users, although with some restrictions;
  • Edit your personal information.

MeetMindful Premium Features

Being a premium user of this portal, you can:

  • Enjoy as many matches as you wish;
  • See premium members;
  • Take advantage of unlimited messaging;
  • Use the advanced search feature.

Does MeetMindful Provides A Premium Subscription?

Of course, anyone can become a premium member on this portal. This offer drastically increases the quality of matchmaking and communication.

I Want To Cancel My Membership. How Should I Do This?

Someday you may decide that it’s time to take a break from the MeetMindful website. Well, that’s a normal thing because people can get tired of literally everything, including dating. If you want to cancel your MeetMindful subscription, go to the Settings tab and click on “Cancel My Subscription.”

By the way, even having deleted your profile, you can continue with the site as a private member. However, it only works on the condition you registered via the iOS application. In this case, your subscription is attached to iTunes. So, even with a deleted profile, you can browse the MeetMidful website as an anonymous user. If you notice someone meeting your expectations, you can create another account on the site and resume dating.

Is My Membership Automatically Renewed?

Is My Membership Automatically Renewed?

The site automatically renews your premium subscription. If you don’t want this, you can have this feature disabled. Just don’t forget that you’ll have to put up with it another month if you fail to do it before the renewal date. So, cancel it 48 hours before that date.

Can I Have My Unused Time Refunded?

The dating platform doesn’t provide any refunds.

Will MeetMindful Automatically Take Money From My Credit Card?

If you have already attached your payment details to your premium account, the set amount will be written off from your credit card on a monthly basis. If you don’t want this any longer, simply have your subscription canceled.

I’m Totally Dissatisfied With MeetMindful. Can I Get My Funds Back?

The dating portal doesn’t provide such a guarantee. MeetMindful provides paid services, but it can’t return money for what you have already consumed.

Will My MeetMindful Transactions Be Displayed On My Credit Card Bill?

Certainly, these payments will be highlighted there since they are not anonymous.

May I Financially Support A MeetMindful User?

There’s no special functionality for this on the dating platform. However, if the member you are going to support discloses his or her payment details in chat, you can send that person money at any time.

Can I Pay Money For Just A Month On The Portal?

With a canceled subscription, your money will not be automatically written off. Therefore, you will pay only for a month in this case.

MeetMindful: Is It Really Safe?

MeetMindful: Is It Really Safe?

MeetMindful never neglects the safety of its users. When your personal data is transferred, it’s reliably protected by cutting-edge encryption protocols. The site admins constantly monitor accounts to timely detect suspicious users. In most MeetMindful reviews online, no one complains about safety. As a rule, the site users are satisfied with the level of safety on the portal.

MeetMindful And Privacy

Your personal information will be in the right hands if you join this reputable platform. You can join this portal via Facebook without any negative consequences. For example, MeetMindful won’t notify your Facebook pals that you have joined this dating website.

If someone on the site bothers you, simply report him or her to the site team. They will take immediate measures to protect your privacy.

Does MeetMindful Encrypts Messaging?

Of course, chats are reliably encrypted with the latest SSL algorithms, so no one could intercept personal information on the website.

Will MeetMindful Track Me Down?

What you mean by “track me down” is just a common practice you can observe on many other dating websites. MeetMindful naturally monitors user activity on the platform to make sure that none of its rules are violated. What’s more, the dating website also tracks the location of each user for matchmaking needs.

Can Law Enforcement Agencies Track Me Down On MeetMindful?

As a rule, the police don’t care about MeetMindful users. On the other hand, they have the right to interfere as soon as they have a solid reason for this.

There’s Something Wrong With My Privacy On MeetMindful. Who Can Help Me?

As a rule, this dating site doesn’t give its users any reasons to complain about their privacy because they are well-protected on the platform. However, even if something bothers you, feel free to reach out to the site customer support.

MeetMindful Safety

MeetMindful Safety

Of course, when deciding on a dating resource, people usually take into account a number of crucial points, and safety can be found in the list of their priorities. Anyone wants to feel secure on a dating platform. MeetMindful caters to this human need. Let’s see how safety is ensured on this platform.

Are The Site Forum Threads Moderated?

Moderation is one of the most crucial elements of safety on any portal. MeetMindful naturally keeps to this postulate. So, the site admins moderate all the threads of the MeetMindful forum.

Somebody Tries To Solicit Money On The Site. What Should I Do?

Of course, that’s not a normal thing. If you notice this, immediately report it, and the site administration will immediately ban that user.

MeetMindful Banned Accounts

Like other dating platforms, MeetMindful also has to ban its users from time to time. Not every person joining this resource is ready to adhere to its regulations. As a result, such people are punished this way. However, compared to other dating websites, the number of banned users isn’t large on MeetMindful because the site is attended by mostly highly conscious users.

I’m Struggling To Access MeetMindful. Why Is It Happening?

Most probably, you are facing a technical issue. Try to reach other websites or compare their load speed. Perhaps, you’ll be able to access MeetMindful a bit later.

What’s The Duration of Bans On MeetMindful?

On this platform, users can be banned permanently or temporarily, just like on other sites.

I’m Eager To Have My Account Reactivated. How Can I Do This?

You should contact the site customer support. They will launch a reactivation procedure, during which you are expected to answer a number of questions and confirm some points.

ProtectIng Yourself On MeetMindful

Despite the fact that this website is one of the safest in the dating industry, you shouldn’t neglect elementary precautions.

  • Choose public places for your first date: You met that person online, and you still know little about him or her. Your partner can turn out to be anybody, even a criminal. Having a first date somewhere in a crowded park, for example, will give you extra protection.
  • Don’t hurry to disclose your personal details: There’s no point in speeding up things, especially if you don’t know your interlocutor well. If you have liked each other and the first date is already agreed, that’s the case where you can tell more about yourself.
How Can I Block A User Who Bothers Me?

How Can I Block A User Who Bothers Me?

You can do this using a special block button.

Is There Anything Forbidden To Be Posted In A MeetMindful Account?

You aren’t allowed to post abusive and inappropriate content such as porn or nude photos.

MeetMindful: Customer Support

Certainly, the website has its own customer support service. On the other hand, if you expect them to instantly respond to your requests, you are wrong. If you’re a premium member, it will take them a business day to review your issue and come up with a reply. As for free users, they have to wait a bit longer. However, in most cases, problems are successfully resolved.

Real Life Feedback

Hi, I’m Michael, aged 35. Someday I realized that I couldn’t stand all these shallow connections and worthless matches. As a romantic person, I struggled to find a highly conscious soulmate. A friend of mine recommended me MeetMindful – a unique dating resource where photos aren’t given a top priority. Instead, in their profiles, the site users vividly picture themselves. I guess that’s much better than showing nude boobs to each other. I managed to find my sweetheart on MeetMindful, and I’m so grateful to their team.

Is MeetMindful The Number One Dating Website?

Perhaps, it’s one of the best in its niche. It’s a good place where highly conscious people can socialize in a relaxing atmosphere.

Is MeetMindful A Hookup Dating Project?

Certainly, it’s not. Highly conscious people who come to the website don’t need one-night stands. They require soulmates, first of all.

Is MeetMindful free?

The portal provides a free subscription. However, if you want to take advantage of some must-have features such as unlimited messaging, you’ll have to pay for this.

MeetMindful: How Does This Website Work?

On the site, users are offered to choose from matches provided on a daily basis. One should note that free members can’t view more than ten matches a day. Respectively, paid ones don’t have any limits in this regard.

If both users mutually liked each other, they can communicate directly. That’s the only way for free users to do this free of charge.

The quality of the site matchmaking algorithm depends on how users portray themselves on their pages. On MeetMindful, pictures don’t matter, while what members write about themselves determines the quality of matches they get.

The portal first tries to offer matches living in your vicinity. If you are eager to extend your location preferences to the entire world, you can do this in the Settings tab.

MeetMindful Alternatives

MeetMindful Alternatives

This website is too specific to have many alternatives. However, if you are reluctant to use MeetMinfdul any longer, you can consider the following portal.

Spiritual Singles: Just like MeetMindful, it also welcomes highly conscious people whose dating objectives greatly differ from what one can see on hookup sites. On Spiritual Singles, you can not only seek like-minded partners but simply communicate with interesting people.

Contact Information

Company: MeetMindful, Inc.

Address: 1444 Wazee St. Suite 130, Denver, CO 80202

Email: hello@meetmindful.com

Phone-Hotline: 1-866-304-6444


That’s a cozy and safe place for mindful people who put much value on spirituality and constant self-development. It encourages its users to provide detailed information in their profiles, and that results in very high quality of the matchmaking process. What’s more, a narrow niche in the dating industry makes it less attractive for scammers.

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