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Meetville Review: Is It As Good as It Seems?

Meetville Review: Is It As Good as It Seems?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Popular age 26-32
Beauty 63%
Profiles 100 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • useful registration tips;
  • feel out the profile in several clicks;
  • minimum text to enter;
  • detailed profiles;
  • an active blog with useful reviews and advice;
  • the friendly tone of voice;
  • effective support service;
  • convenient interface;
  • inspirational stories of users;
  • mostly real active users.
  • designed with free stock images;
  • quite expensive paid subscription;
  • It is impossible to sign up through the desktop.

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Explore the Meetville review and find out how to find new people for a chat, flirt, and romance.

How many languages can you speak on Meetville?

How many languages can you speak on Meetville?

This is an American-based site, so most people here are from the U.S, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. However, you can check Terms of Use in your native language.

Who is Meetville’s owner?

American IT company Avanta Inc. owns Meetville.

Where does Meetville’s Reside

This website is based in Concord, California, USA.

When was Meetville Initiated?

The Meetville website was activated on April 26, 2010.

Is Meetville available everywhere?

Is Meetville available everywhere?

You can access the website in most countries. Please note that some states may establish specific restrictions on access to certain pages, imposing providers to block some dating sites. You can use the VPN if the page does not load on your browser.

Special Features

Meetville have a few specific options:

  • get the subscription link on your phone from the site;
  • get QR-code;
  • happy dating stories;
  • Its own blog.

The other options, such as search, matches, chatting, and flirting, are almost identical to standard dating sites.

Audience quality

Audience quality

Meetville provides information on its current sex and user age ratios on its blog, as well as official statistics across the entire industry of dating sites. So, 52.4% of users of a dating site are men, while women make up 47.6% of users.

Age distribution

According to official statistics from the Meetville Blog, most women on the site are 21 years old, while men are 26 years old.

Fakes and scammers

Any dating site cannot prevent a certain number of fake accounts and scams. This site, however, offers detailed instructions on how to protect and ensure its users’ personal and financial data. Support always responds to complaints and reports from its members.

Mobile app and Website

Meetville website is the main version of the platform for PC and laptops. At the same time, most members use the app.

Meetville App

The app has the same options as the standard desktop version. However, it keeps some advantages in camcorder and microphone access, enabling users to communicate with other people right from the phone.

Meetville website

Meetville website

Although Meetville keeps its website active, its main technical resources are focused on the mobile app. Unfortunately, you can no longer register through the desktop version on the site, but you can easily do this via the mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play. The company turned off this feature back in 2014, as 95% of site users preferred a mobile app. If you are a registered user, you can enter via your PC using the standard “Sign In” option in the upper right corner.

Can you set the app on PC to use it?

Meetville does not imply such an option.

Which browsers display Meetville?

You can access this platform from any available browser, including Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and other Internet programs.

What to do if you can’t enter the site?

If you cannot access Meetville from your computer or phone, it may be due to the following:

  • your cookie settings are incorrect;
  • you have been banned by the administration;
  • your device has some technical issues.

Try logging into your browser and clearing cookies in the appropriate settings section. You can also try visiting the Meetville website from a different browser and changing the device (for example, logging in through the app on your mobile phone). If all else fails, apply to support@meetville.com.


This site has a fairly simple, efficient, and intuitive interface to help in navigating and utilizing it. Check out the Meetville Blog, where you can learn a lot of useful and interesting materials compiled by the Avanta team specifically for you! You can also watch a video about using the site on the About page. Once on the site, you will not encounter problems with registration and filling out a profile.

Registration process

Signing up for Meetville is easy! Follow the prompts on the site or check out the video on the About page.

How to refuse someone matched on Meetville?

You can use the Hide option in the main menu, or go to the user’s photo to remove him/her from the search results and matches. You are not obliged to deal with the proposed candidate. Meetville makes matches based on analytical algorithms. You can ignore the candidacy or block the user.

How old are the youngest users on Meetville?

Meetville strictly adheres to the 18+ policy for all users, without exception.

What is the verification procedure?

To verify, enter your mobile phone number, and check a message with your mobile gadget’s application address. You can also verify yourself in the application using the camcorder on your device.

How to verify an email?

Check your mailbox immediately after the completion of registration. You need to open a new message and find the link from Meetville to click on it. Your registration is done! In case you left the page, go to your page and find a notification link “Your email is not verified.” Confirm it at the right top corner of the page. Click on this link and then select “Resend confirmation email” link.

What happens when clicking on the Facebook link during registration?

Meetville does not imply such a function; however, the registration procedure is straightforward and takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to use the site without registering?

You cannot enter the website without registering. Do not hesitate to sign up, and follow the instructions on the site!

Profile set-up

Registration for Meetville involves filling out all the necessary data, as well as adding your photos. You can specify the necessary data about yourself and indicate the relevant info about the partner you are looking for.

The necessary data needed to fill out your profile:

  • date of birth;
  • name;
  • email.

Next, you will see a new page with several parameter lists. Please choose what you are looking for on the Meetville website – chat, flirt, long-term relationships, friendship, or a date. Next, indicate the history of your personal life and specify whether you have been married, divorced, or widowed. Indicate whether you have children and if you want or don’t want to have children in the future. Select your ethnicity, religion, and education from the list.

Do not forget to disclose your body type, smoking, and drinking habits. At the bottom of the page, use the ruler to select your height. Click “Save” and go to the next page. Then you can choose one of the hobbies offered, at least five. The next page requires you to browse a photo through the clipboard. Your Meetville profile is done!

How to remove a photo from a Meetville account?

You can delete uploaded photos in the Settings section.

How to change a username and other basic info on Meetville?

You can edit all the specified data in Meetville. Go to the primary information section https://m.meetville.com/settings/editBasicInfo and feel free to change any details if necessary.

Is it possible to delete a Meetville profile?

You can hide your page or delete it completely. After that, other members cannot send you emails and view your page. You can permanently terminate your profile or hide your page at any time, deleting your profile at the “Account Settings”.

Can one deactivate the “Show me on Meetville” option?

As soon as you hide your page on Meetville, other people cannot view it. Remember that removing your page does not terminate a subscription, so you must check your settings in iTunes or Google Play Market.

How to remove information published on Meetville?

You can delete photos on Meetville, as well as other credentials in the “Settings” section, or simply remove the app from your device.

Member search Meetville

You can easily search and filter other members by using the appropriate option on the page. Set filters by gender, age, race, and other parameters. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and pick the “Find People” section on Meetville. Set all the same search criteria that you entered when filling out your profile, including age, address, marital status, attitude towards children, alcohol, and smoking. The system will find you relevant matches according to your parameters.

Where are the Meetville members liked by you?

You can view your likes in the Quick Match section and add your favorite users in the My Favs section.

How to Use Meetville Search options?

Use standard filters according to the main physical parameters specified when registering your profile. Also, try Matches to select users automatically. People Nearby will also let you find people on the Meetville website in a couple of seconds.

How to know if someone likes you on Meetville without paying?

Unfortunately, you cannot see who liked you without buying a membership. You can buy a paid subscription on the site for one, three, six, or twelve months.


You can exchange messages with other Meetville’s users.

How to send messages to someone on Meetville?

Check the incoming messages in the Chats section by clicking on the upper left corner. You can also write to any user.

How to send a mail to someone?

Select the participant you like, and then click on the dialogue icon below the photo. Enter text and send a message to the user. Check his/her reply in the Chats section.

What terms of messaging are on the site?

At Meetville, you can only send messages until the subscription is active.

How to check new messages on Meetville?

Click on the upper left corner of the screen and find the Chats of the Meetville website.

How to use the webcam on Meetville?

You can use the camcorder to chat with other users. It will be most convenient to use the mobile app and communicate via phone.

How to prohibit some users messaging on Meetville?

Meetville does not imply such a function on the site. However, you can block users.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Meetville Membership Price and Other Payment Method

This platform offers its users both paid and free options. Like other dating sites, free membership greatly limits your opportunities, leaving almost no chance of finding your match.

Free Membership Features

You can create your profile for Meetville for free and fill out basic information and add your photos. Free subscription options end there.

Premium Membership Features

This platform allows you to buy a VIP membership that includes numerous bonuses. These include sending an unlimited number of messages, likes, and gifts, viewing people whom you attracted, and viewing your page, as well as other features. Tariff plans offered may vary by location. Payment will be processed via iTunes / Google Play Market or plastic card / Paypal.

Does Meetville have a premium membership?

You can purchase it right after registration for various periods. Click on the upper left corner and find the “Activate Subscription” section, and then select one of the following packages:

  • $ 40 for a monthly subscription;
  • $ 60 for three months;
  • $ 80 for half of a year;
  • $ 100 for an annual membership.

Please note that the Meetville website indicates the weekly subscription prices on the main page, so do not confuse yourself! The platform also offers additional offers, including a trial version or discounts on virtual gifts.

Is it possible to terminate Meetville membership?

You can stop your membership of Meetville at any time, for whatever reason. Go to the App Store or Google Play, and pick the relevant item to cancel it. If you pay for an advanced membership by a card or PayPal, cancel it in the “Basic Information Editing” section.

Does Meetville renew membership without permission?

Meetville renews your membership just for your convenience. Even if you remove your page or deinstall the app from your phone, the subscription is still active. Your money is still charging automatically until you stop the subscription.

How to get money back for an idle period?

Meetville does not refund after the buying of paid services.

Does Meetville renew membership every month?

Your subscription is automatically renewed, depending on the membership period. For example, if you acquired a subscription for one month on June 1, then the membership will be automatically renewed on June 30.

Done with Meetville. Can one refund a paid membership?

Meetville will not refund paid membership upon cancellation of membership.

How does Meetville process credit card information?

This service accepts payments via iTunes or Google Play Market and uses secure encryption when paying by card or PayPal. Check the relevant section on the site, for example https://m.meetville.com/vipStep/ buySubscription / 6month_mobile_web_meetville. Do not worry, and your financial data is safe!

How to support someone on Meetville?

You can buy and give virtual gifts at Meetville, but it does not provide direct money transfers to other users.

How to support someone for just a month?

Meetville does not have such an option.

Is Meetville Really Safe?

Is Meetville Really Safe?

This service has quite helpful support and effective user data protection with a strong encryption algorithm. The assistants constantly monitor the situation, removing suspicious texts.

Privacy on Meetville

Meetville has a strong privacy policy to protect user’s personal data.

Are Meetville chats protected from hackers?

This platform uses modern means to protect its servers, such as encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls, and secure connections. Its employees also manually monitor system operation to detect incorrect processing.

Can Meetville check your location?

Meetville involves collecting your geolocation data for matching with other users.

Can Meetville transfer your data to the police?

Although this service does not intentionally send user data to the police, in case of serious misconduct, data can be transferred to the appropriate authorities. In case of fraud, calls for violence or racial hatred, distribution of pornography, your account will be terminated. Receiving the police / FBI’s direct request, the company is obliged to transmit information about the suspect, including correspondence, financial data, and other information from the app.

Where to mail if having questions about privacy on Meetville?

Use support@meetville.com to contact Meetville.


Find key safety information at Meetville below.

Does Meetville moderate messages and threads?

Its employees can monitor and delete information that does not comply with the terms of use.

What does Meetville do to users asking for money?

Such actions on the Meetville website qualify as fraud, so the accounts of suspicious users are blocked immediately.

Banned account

You can block other users, preventing any of their actions on your profile. At the same time, your profile also can be banned if you violate the terms of use.

Why are there issues with access to Meetville?

There can be many reasons for that, ranging from incorrect cookie settings to blocking your Meetville profile.

How long does Meetville keep users banned?

It all depends on the individual case. This service may block users from certain IP addresses at any time at its discretion.

How to reactivate a banned page?

Feel free to apply to support@meetville.com.

Protect yourself

Meetville does everything to protect you while using it, but you can’t avoid scammers, or spam completely.

How to block and complain about a suspected scammer?

You can prevent any user from viewing your profile and sending you messages. Find the “Block” option in the chat, or find the “Hide” option next to the user’s photo if you do not want not to see him in matches.

What information is prohibited on a Meetville Account?

Meetville prohibits the posting of any data related to copyright infringement, as well as nudity and pornographic content. You cannot call for violence and racial hatred, as well as publish unverified data on Covid-19. Do not use cartoons instead of real photos.

Help and Support

Meetville Help and Support

You can contact Meetville for help or advice by emailing to support@meetville.com. If you have suggestions, you can also write a message at https://meetville.com/feedback.html, indicating your contact details, subject of the message, and typing the actual text.

Real-life review

Feel free to ensure safety on the site.

Is Meetville as good as it seems?

According to different rating agencies and Meetville reviews, the platform is ranged from 69 to 71 among the best dating sites. The company has been operating for ten years, having 27,468,625 users registered for this time.

Is Meetville secure?

Meetville is a reasonably secure site in terms of user and financial data protection.

Can Meetville help a user to hook-up?

It offers the best chance to find someone attractive for a short date, as well as a long-term relationship.

Is Meetville a paid or free site?

You can sign up and fill out the page for free. However, chatting with other users requires membership fees.

How does Meetville function?

Sign up for Meetville by adding your phone and receiving an activation link. Download the app on your device and fill out the necessary data. Pay for a subscription of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. After it, you can send and receive an unlimited number of messages and likes.

Is it possible to meet fake members on Meetville?

Meetville warns that fake accounts and scammers are possible. Never send your financial data or transfer money to other accounts. Please, always inform the support service about suspicious activities.

Alternative sites like Meetville

Meetville Alternative sites like Meetville

Meetville is a dating site where you can find the right person that suits your interests. Find a partner for a one-night-stand or long-term relationships. You can use specific parameters on the site, such as the special sections, like Older Singles, Mature Singles, or Divorced Singles. Try also Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, Coffee, Meets, or Bage as the good alternatives.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Avanta, Inc.
  • Address: 1470 Civic Court, Ste 309, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Phone: (925) 818-4760
  • Support: support@meetville.com.


Meetville Conclusion

Meetville is one of the best sites where you can be calm about scamming and fake profiles. This is a working platform, managed by a reliable IT company, maintaining an active blog, and communicating with a million users in real-time. You can find a mate for one-night-stand, a short date for a film on Friday evening, and a couple for a long-term relationship and life. Sign up for Meetville and find your soulmate!

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