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MyLadyboyDate Review: Great Dating Site?

MyLadyboyDate Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 1 700 000
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Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • MyLadyBoyDate is one of the largest ladyboy communities in Asia
  • The pricing of the membership is very affordable
  • The members are respectful and communicate safely
  • The paid membership is available only for men
  • The user interface could have been better
  • No mobile app

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The term ‘ladyboys’ is mostly associated with Thailand because of its large community of transgender, or third gender, persons. However, these ladyboys do not prefer this term and would rather be called ladies. In this MyLadyBoyDate review, we will talk about one of the biggest dating sites for transsexuals – MyLadyBoyDate.

Thailand is famous for its ladyboys.

This is because of the country’s tourist bar areas, where transgender prostitutes ply their trades. These activities are mostly seen in areas like Patong (Phuket), Chaweng (Pattaya), and Nana and Patpong (Bangkok). You may even find popular ladyboy cabaret shows in Thailand.

The word ‘ladyboy’ is mostly associated with sex, either in the pornography or prostitution context. Sadly, it is said with an underlying tone. However, this is not the case since transsexuals are also human beings capable of seeking loving and stable relationships.

Additionally, some wish to date third gender persons; however, they often feel that dating ladyboys is not quite normal, and thinking of doing so may cause them to become the butt of all jokes.

However, in the year 2020, such notions are ridiculous. The relationships that people have are of no concern as long as they are not hurting anyone else. People are free to choose who they can date and express their love in any way they want.

This is the exact approach of MyLadyboyDate – bring together people from both sides of the fence and make them feel comfortable about their desire and choices. The platform is made to provide the best dating experience for trans-oriented men and transgender women.

MyLadyboyDate Review: Great Dating Site?

What Are The Languages Supported By MyLadyboyDate website?

Currently, MyLadyBoyDate offers you its services in several different languages like:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese

Who Owns MyLadyboyDate?

Cyril and Maki founded MyLadyboyDate. People in the transgender community consider them ‘new hope.’ These two individuals are the pioneers of changes for human rights and transsexual communities from around the world.

So Where Is MyLadyboyDate Based?

As of now, MyLadyBoyDate official postal address is located in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

When Was MyLadyboyDate Founded?

MyLadyBoyDate website was founded in 2013 by Cyril and Maki in Hong Kong.

Is MyLadyboyDate Available Worldwide?

Yes, MyLadyBoyDate is a platform where members belong to different places around the world. However, most of the members belong from South East Asia, from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Special Features

MyLadyBoyDate is an online dating site that does not have a lot of special features. You can create your profile and check the profiles of other members. You can chat once you become a premium member. The site does not contain any annoying ads as well.

Overall, the site has been made to cater to transsexuals’ needs around the world, particularly in South East Asia. Hence, the site does not contain a lot of special features as of now.

Audience Quality

The site has many ladyboys from all corners of the world. Most of them belong to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. However, you will also find some from places like Australia, Europe, and even America. Since the profiles go through moderators checks, these ladyboys are all looking for serious relationships; this only means that you will find true relationships here. The platform has more than 30,000 members.

Age Distribution

At the MyLadyBoyDate website, you will find beautiful trans-women to choose from all around the world. The members here begin at the age of 18 years and can go as far as 50 years. However, you will rarely find members above the age of 60 years.

Fakes and Scammers

Like all online dating sites, there is a chance of finding some scams and fake profiles at MyLadyBoyDate as well. However, the likelihood of this happening is extremely low because all profiles go through administrator checks before getting approved. However, if you notice suspicious activities going on with any profile, you can get in touch with the customer support team.

Fakes and Scammers

Mobile App and Website

The website and mobile version of MyladyBoyDate are very intuitive and well-designed. In this section, we will talk about MyLadyBoyDate’s overall usability and design.

MyLadyboyDate App

Sadly, MyLadyBoyDate does not have a dedicated mobile app for either Android or iOS devices. The only way to access the platform on your mobile device is via your mobile browser. However, the mobile web version has been optimized for ease of use and fast performance. Even if the MyLadyBoyDate mobile web version is running in the background, you will still receive notifications. You can chat with other members here as well.

MyLadyboyDate Website

The MyLadyBoyDate website is very intuitive and looks almost like a fashion website. You will easily find everything that you are looking for. Even if you are a free user, you will not have to deal with those annoying ads.

It is not too difficult to understand the website; in fact, you will be able to figure it out, even without this guide. You will see the main toolbar with the Search function, People Online, and ‘My Profile’ tabs. Navigating around a site does not get easier.

On the upper part of the screen, you will see the ‘Who has seen your Profile’ icon, then Settings, then ‘Liked’ list, and the Messages tabs. When you visit the website for the first time, the admin welcomes you with a warm message.

Can I Use The App On My Computer?

Yes, you can use MyLadyboyDate on your computer or laptop device. You do not have to download any additional software to access the platform. All you need to do is head over to your browser and type in myladyboydate.com on the search bar.

Which Browsers Support MyLadyboyDate?

MyLadyBoyDate actively supports the stable versions of browsers like Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Additionally, the platform also works hard to ensure that it works well on Android and iOS devices.

Why Am I Having Difficulty Accessing The Site?

If you are trying to enter MyLadyBoyDate from other browsers, apart from the ones mentioned above, or an older version, the site may not function as it should. Since the site’s resources are limited, the developers cannot actively fix bugs or develop the platform for outdated browsers.

Why Am I Having Difficulty Accessing The Site?


The overall design of both the web and mobile web versions of MyLadyBoyDate is very simple; in fact, you may not be able to tell the differences between the two. It boasts white, grey, and pink. With the help of the main toolbar, you will be able to browse through the site. Even the profiles do not look too pushy.

Both versions are incredibly light and will load very fast. Apart from being a decent website, the white interface also helps the users feel psychologically more secure and comfortable.

Registration Process

To create a profile at MyLadyBoyDate, you need to have a valid email address. This is because you will receive your verification link here. The overall signing up process is very easy and quick. You will need to enter some personal information and add a photo. Once done, you will be able to browse through the profiles of the members.

There are two ways of registering at MyLadyBoyDate – via Facebook or your email address. We have mentioned how to create a profile via Facebook in the section below.

If you want to create a MyLadyBoyDate profile via email, you will have to type down your email address, your gender (man or ladyboy), state/nation, birthday, and first name. Next, you need to choose a secure and robust password and agree to all terms and conditions.

Can I Unmatch a MyLadyboyDate Member?

Since there are no matching systems on the MyLadyBoyDate website, there are no questions regarding the unmatching process.

How Old Should You Be To Register On MyLadyboyDate?

Like all online dating sites, you need to be at least 18-years old to create an account at MyLadyBoyDate.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

As of now, there is only one way to verify your account – via email. Once you are done with the registration process, you should receive a verification link at your provided email address. After tapping on this link, you will be taken to your MyLadyBoyDate account.

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

As mentioned above, you will receive a verification code on the email that you have provided. Once you tap on this link, your account, and your email address will both get verified, and you will be able to browse through thousands of MyLadyBoyDate profiles.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Yes, you can even register for a MyLadyBoyDate website account via your Facebook account. When you first visit the site, you get the option of either registering with your email address or your Facebook account. If you do not want to go through all the work like verification, etc., you can choose to sign up with Facebook. Additionally, the site does not post on your Facebook timeline without prior permission.

Can I Use The Site Without Having To Sign Up?

Sadly, there is no way you can use the platform without creating an account and getting it verified. Most online dating sites do not allow you to use its services without signing up to prevent the rising number of fake and spam accounts.

SCan I Use The Site Without Having To Sign Up?

Profile Set-Up

You need to fill your information with all relevant details and information only about yourself. Once you have managed to establish a bond with the other member, you can reveal whatever personal information you like.

The approval process is quite fast and does not take more than an hour. However, there might be a delay if the member is from another time zone. Here are some tips about filling out your profile:

  • For standard users, you can upload 16 photos; as for verified and premium members, they have no limits.
  • The editorial team may crop or blur out other people’s faces in the background for privacy protection. Mostly, this process is done in the best way possible.
  • You will have to choose a primary profile picture.
  • You have the choice of uploading and deleting photos according to your will.
  • Almost everything on your profile can be edited, except for your headline and description. For these, you will need the moderator’s approval.

For ladies, you will have to complete your profile before being allowed to send messages. Once the profile has been completed and verified, ladies can send as many messages as they want. For men, sending messages requires membership.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded On MyLadyBoyDate?

Yes, you have the option of uploading and deleting as many photos as you like. However, it should fall within the allocated limit.

How Can I Edit My MyLadyBoyDate Username?

Yes, you have the option to edit your username as well. However, it will not be changed immediately. It will be submitted for moderator approval. If the moderator approves the action, you will be able to change your username, headline, and description.

Is There An Option To Delete My MyLadyboyDate Profile?

Yes, you can delete your account. To do this, you need to head over to the Account settings and navigate to the page’s bottom. Here, you will see the account deletion option. Tap on it and follow the rest of the instructions.

Once you have deleted your account, everything on your profile like photos and information will be permanently deleted.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On MyLadyboyDate” Option?

If you disable the ‘Show me on MyLadyboyDate,’ your account will get suspended. This means that no one will be able to search for you or message you. However, your profile will not be deleted, just made invisible. This means that all the information and photos will remain in place if you reactivate your account.

Can I Delete The Information That Has Already Been Submitted To MyLadyboyDate?

Sadly, you cannot delete the information once you have submitted it to MyLadyBoyDate website moderators. However, you can change them once your account is up and running.

Can I Delete The Information That Has Already Been Submitted To MyLadyboyDate?

You are allowed to use basic search filters as a free member. These filters include:

  • Last Online
  • City
  • Country
  • Age range

However, if you upgrade to the premium version, you will be able to choose from premium search filters like:

  • Smoking/Drinking
  • Language
  • Eating habits
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Education level

Is It Possible To See The MyLadyboyDate Members Who I Liked?

Since there is no matching system at MyLadyBoyDate, you cannot check which members have ‘liked’ you.

What Are The Different Features Of MyLadyBoyDate’s Search Option?

MyLadyboyDate provides its members with the basic search criteria, which includes:

  • Online Now
  • With Photo Only
  • Age
  • Gender

Extended searches are also available if you are looking for more specialized search filters. Regional search options are available if you are looking for dates near your location. It is very difficult on large dating platforms to get enough attention from other members, and you often lose your way.

This happens because there are too many members with similar profiles, making it difficult for you to differentiate. Thankfully, MyLadyboyDate offers you the paid Priority Listing search filter that enables your profile to be listed on the search results of other members.

Can You Know If Someone Likes You On MyLadyboyDate If You Are A Free Member?

MyLadyBoyDate website does not have an ‘actual’ matching system; you do not have to ‘like’ a member to initiate the chatting process. You do not need to be ‘liked’ by other members as well, whether you are a free or premium member.


If you want to chat with the members at MyLadyboyDate, you will have to purchase a membership; there is no option of free chat here. While this choice is not popular, it is wise. Talking with a ladyboy online is not a summer vacation.

The members here, especially the ladyboys, need to feel safe. This choice makes it difficult for people to engage in online prostitution and scamming.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On MyLadyboyDate?

To start messaging, you need to purchase the membership. Once done, you will be able to send a text message. The messaging features are nice, and you will feel like you are both in the same room. You can also share videos and photos while chatting.

How Can I Message To Another Member?

Chatting is simple. Once you have found the MyLadyboyDate member you are looking for, you can directly send them a text message, provided that you are a verified and paid member. As a free member, you can only receive messages.

Is Sending Messages A Free Feature?

As mentioned above, you cannot send messages as a free member. However, once you become a paid MyLadyboyDate member, you can send free text messages to others.

Is Sending Messages A Free Feature?

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On MyLadyboyDate?

When you receive a message, the name of the sender can be seen on top of the chatbox.

How Do I Use A Video Camera On MyLadyboyDate?

It is not sure that the MyLadyBoyDate website offers video chatting options. However, you do have the option to send videos separately in chats.

How Can I filter Whom I Can Receive Messages From On MyLadyBoyDate?

If you want to avoid messages from members you are not interested in talking to, you can hide them by tapping on the X button at the top of the search results. This way, that particular profile will be removed from your favorites list. However, the member will not be explicitly blocked and can still view your profile.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Everything you need to know about the membership is stated in detail in this section below.

Free Membership Features

As mentioned above, MyLadyboyDate has a free membership. However, you cannot even send a smile or a ‘hi’ to the other member. However, as free members, you will be able to browse through others’ profiles, be visible in the search results, and check which members are online.

Premium Membership Features

For premium membership, you gain access to all the features mentioned above, including the chat options. Additionally, you will be able to use advanced search filters as well.

Does MyLadyboyDate Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, MyLadyboyDate offers premium membership. The pricing of the membership are as follows:

  • $29.90 for a month
  • $68.70 for three months
  • $101.40 for six months
  • $130.80 for 12 months

How Do I Cancel My MyLadyboyDate Membership?

Canceling your MyLadyboyDate membership is very easy. All you need to do is head over to the ‘Customer Support’ option and write to them about it. Once they receive the request, they will process it and cancel your MyLadyboyDate membership.

Is The MyLadyboyDate Membership Auto-Renewed Automatically?

No, the premium memberships are not auto-renewed. This means that your account will be reverted to the standard membership once your expiry date has passed. However, you will be notified of your expired membership at your email address.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

If you have opted for the yearly plan and changed your mind, you need to get in touch with the customer support team. Let them know about your query, and they will be more than happy to check whether you are entitled to a refund.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Is The Myladyboydate “Support” Renewed Automatically Every Month?

No, MyLadyboyDate does not renew your ‘support’ automatically. You need to renew your subscription manually once your membership expires.

Do I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied With The MyLadyboyDate?

Yes, if you have bought a membership and not happy with the services, you can get your money back by contacting the customer support team.

How Will My MyLadyboyDate Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

There are no details on how MyLadyBoyDate support will appear on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support To Other Myladyboydate Members?

Apparently, you can only buy the support for yourself, not other members.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Yes, MyLadyBoyDate offers premium membership and support for just a month. The price of this membership is $29.90.

Is MyLadyBoyDate Really Safe?

Since the MyLadyBoyDate website needs to be secure and safe for its members, especially the ladyboys, the moderation team takes over most of the site’s control. The team filters the content that the user’s post; for instance, the photos need to be approved before they can be uploaded. This way, the moderation team ensures that MyLadyBoyDate is a safe platform for members who are looking for true love.

Privacy On MyLadyboyDate

MyLadyBoyDate is an online dating site that respects the privacy of its members. While the moderators may control the photos and information you upload, all the chats are hidden away from them. This means that whatever you talk with the other member remains between the two of you.

Are MyLadyBoyDate Chats Encrypted?

Yes, the chats between you and the other member at MyLadyBoyDate are encrypted and cannot be seen by others.

Can MyLadyboyDate Track Your Location?

There is no information related to this.

Can Police To Trace Me Via My MyLadyboyDate Account?

Most probably, your account cannot be traced by the police directly. However, if they get their hands on your email address, they might be able to.

Who Will Answer My Questions Related To My Privacy On MyLadyboyDate?

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you can contact the MyLadyBoyDate customer support team.


MyLadyBoyDate website is definitely one of those online dating sites that take its safety and security very seriously. Hence, it is very difficult to find fake or spam profiles here.

Are MyLadyboyDate Forums Threads Overseen By The Moderators?

Whatever you post on MyLadyBoyDate is moderated by the MyLadyBoyDate’s administration team. Once they think that the post does not contain harmful or offensive content, they will be approved.

What Will Happen If I Try To Use My MyLadyBoyDate Account To Solicit Money?

If this happens, MyLadyBoyDate will immediately ban that account. This is because MyLadyBoyDate is not a prostitution/hookup site but a serious dating platform.

Banned Account

Yes, MyLadyBoyDate holds the power of banning accounts that are violating the terms and conditions of the online dating platform.

Why Can’t I Access MyLadyboyDate?

There are several reasons why you cannot access your MyLadyBoyDate account. It may be possible that your internet connection has stopped working. Alternatively, it is also possible that the country you reside in does not allow its citizens to access the MyLadyBoyDate dating platform.

How Long Are MyLadyboyDate Bans?

There is no information on how long the bans are.

What Is The Process Of Reactivating My Banned Account?

Once the ban has been lifted, your account will get reactivated automatically. However, you mustn’t repeat such activities that led to this ban in the first place.

Protect Yourself

It is important to protect yourself from predators and scammers. Always let your family and friends know where you are heading for a date. Additionally, never hand over personal and financial details to any unknown person you have met online.

How Can I Block and Report A Suspected Scammer?

If you suspect a member to be a scammer or harasser, you can let the moderators know by tapping on the ‘Report’ button on that member’s profile page.

Which Types Of Information Should Not Be Posted In Your MyLadyboyDate Account?

Personal information like physical address, phone number, and financial details like credit card numbers should never be posted on your MyLadyBoyDate account.

Help and Support

Since the site is very user-friendly, you will not have to deal with any type of problem. However, if you do, you can easily get in touch with the customer support team. The team is very helpful and friendly; they will help you sort your problem out.

Help and Support

Real Life Review

Andrew Joshua says: “MyLadyBoyDate is one of the first online dating sites for transsexuals who are looking for serious relationships. Hence, the safety and security here are exceptional. The site requires you to verify your account to minimize the amount of fake and scam profiles. Additionally, men will have to pay for a premium membership if they want to chat with other members; this reduces the number of members who are only looking for cheap thrills.”

Is MyLadyboyDate The Best Dating Site/App?

Definitely, MyLadyBoyDate is one of the first and best online dating sites that have been created to cater to the needs of transsexuals.

Is MyLadyboyDate Safe?

Yes, MyLadyBoyDate is quite a safe online dating site.

Is MyLadyboyDate A Hook-Up App?

No, MyLadyBoyDate is not a hookup site. Members here are only looking for serious and meaningful relationships.

Is MyLadyboyDate Free?

While you can browse through the free profiles, men need to obtain the premium membership to chat with others. For ladies, they need to complete the profiles to chat only. This means that the site is free only for the ladyboys, not men.

How Does MyLadyboyDate Work?

MyLadyBoyDate allows you to search for members based on the search filters. If you like a member and have a paid membership (for men), you can start chatting with them.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On MyLadyboyDate?

While the site works hard to minimize the number of fake and spam profiles, you might likely find some of them at MyLadyBoyDate. As a responsible member, you must report such profiles to the moderators.

Alternative Sites Like MyLadyboyDate

Some sites that are similar to MyLadyBoyDate are:

  • TG Meet
  • Travmaga
  • Tami
  • Trans G
  • Truly LadyBoy
  • Transdr
  • My Transgender match
Alternative Sites Like MyLadyboyDate

Contact Information

MyLadyboyDate can be contacted directly via its postal address, phone number, or email address. The postal address is Building Bridges Ltd, Level 12, 28 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. The email address is support@myladyboydate.com, and the international phone number is +852 5801 4473.


According to several MyLadyBoyDate reviews, MyLadyBoyDate is one of the most decent online dating sites for transgender worldwide. The pricing of the membership is very pocket-friendly and has a very friendly user-interface. If you are a man looking for a ladyboy or a transgender looking for someone who will not judge you, MyLadyBoyDate is the right place.

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