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OnlyLads Review: Honest Evaluation of the Gay Dating Platform

OnlyLads Review: Honest Evaluation of the Gay Dating Platform
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 3 470 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • OnlyLads is a niche gay and bisexual dating site;
  • Many free features;
  • More than 1 million people globally;
  • The free apps are available for any mobile platform;
  • The modern design of the app and the website.
  • Lack of user security;
  • Weak anonymity of personal data you provide to OnlyLads;
  • The functionality of the site is too basic;
  • Poor profile description;
  • Inconvenient search criteria.

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Have you been looking for a freemium gay dating site that would make it all? OnlyLads is suitable for marriages, hookups, making friends, and casual dating. The simple interface and rich member base. Many reviews conclude the insufficient set of features as the main drawback of using this dating platform. But is it that bad? The main criteria that matter for online gay dating are safety. If you wanted to know more about the privacy measure implemented on the site, you have come to the right place. This OnlyLads review reveals more about the effectiveness of the search, members structure, and the technical part of the site’s operation.

What Languages Does the OnlyLads Website Support?

You can only use the site in English. There are no other language options available.

Who Is the Owner of OnlyLads Dating Service?

The legal entity behind the company is Rocketware Limited. The company’s CEO is the gay man and LGBT activist Jimmy X who prefers not to reveal his second name.

Where Is the Main OnlyLads Company Office Situated?

The company’s headquarters is 41 Mansion Gate Square, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS7 4RX.

What Year Was OnlyLads Initially Founded?

The Rocketware Ltd’s history began in 2011. The site reportedly started working in the same period.

Does OnlyLads Offer Its Services Globally?

Yes, the site promises to work all over the world, and you have no problems accessing it whenever you are.

Does OnlyLads Offer Its Services Globally?

The Key Characteristics of the Functionality

The bright design serves you with all the features on a plate. This part of the OnlyLads review contains a brief description of the functions you get upon registering on the site.

The main criteria for searching people are:

  • Location;
  • Newest on the site;
  • Those who liked you;
  • Your favorites;
  • Your visitors.


The messenger is convenient and contains the inbox of the unread messages. You can also see the archive of the past conversations there.


Add up to ten people to friends as a free user or upgrade and receive unlimited friendship possibilities.


This feature allows you to see people who opened your profile and remember that they will receive feedback concerning your actions too.

What Kind of People Join the Service?

Only males use OnlyLads, so you cannot choose your gender during the registration. The company’s headquarters are in England, so the site is popular with the UK and the US residents. You can meet gay near you no matter where you are. The orientation paragraphs imply that you either seek both men and women or only men but that you are a male yourself.

The Average Age of the Users

There is no information concerning the demographics or age statistics of the OnlyLads users.

Will You Run Across Many Scammers?

You can see many people without photos or with poor profile descriptions on the site, but they do not seem suspicious enough to call them scammers. The truth reveals itself in the private conversation. If you face blackmailing or money soliciting — be sure to report the user.

Will You Run Across Many Scammers?

The App and the Website Versions of the Platform

At first, the website interface appears pleasant, but you will find out how complicated its structure is when you dig into using the dating site. If you enjoy dating on-the-go, download the app.

OnlyLads App: Is It Free to Download?

The service offers free mobile applications for iOS and Android users. They have thousands of reviews, more than half a million downloads, and contain the same site features.

OnlyLads Website: Versatility of the Interface and Its Compatibility

The menu on the top has the nest buttons: “Home,” “Search,” “Chat,” and “Profile.” The further settings you will find upon clicking on a separate section. For example, choose the search subsections in the menu to the left side. There are no search filters, and you should scroll the members yourself; when you get back to the results, you appear again at the beginning of the page.

Is the Site Available for Opening From the Computer?

Yes, you can open it without problems on any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Personal computers are the best devices to use OnlyAds as the mobile app’s rating is not that good.

Does OnlyLads Website Work Well in All Browsers?

All mobile or full desktop browsers are suitable to open the site. You can switch the display interface by clicking on the account settings. In this section of your profile, you can change between the full and mobile versions of the platform no matter what your browser is and choose the one that meets your requirements.

Can Any Technical Issues Appear and Why?

You will have a hard time using this dating platform because of its inconvenient interface. The function categorization is split into various sections; some of the OnlyLads features that fit together are situated in different places. When you switch between the parts of the site, you will experience some troubles with loading. No significant bugs are present, but the technical implementation of the search and account editing could be better.

Can Any Technical Issues Appear and Why?

The Site Interface: Internal Structure of the Platform

OnlyLads website can boast of modern design, the primary colors of which are white and blue. The minimalist interface makes it more pleasant to browse the site, but the loading and transitions leave a lot to be desired. You will have a few minutes to figure out where to find the needed functions and if you decide to change the account settings — be sure to get lost in the sea of strange menus and sections. The structure of the site is complicated and illogical. The attractive design doesn’t compensate when you cannot understand how to use the service.

OnlyLads reminds many of social networks like Twitter or Facebook. There are no walls or public discussions, but every user can upload several photos, arrange them in albums, and choose the profile cover. When you open the profile of any user, you see functions like “Send an Icebreaker,” “Add to Friends,” “Add to Favorites,” and “Chat.” All in all, there is a place for improvement.

How to Register an Account and Is It Easy?

Signing up is possible via Facebook, but this way, the site will use your real name for creating an account. You can change it later to stay private. Even manual registration is easy and takes up to 2 minutes, including email verification. The details you have to provide to the OnlyLads website:

  • Your name;
  • Username;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Location;
  • Orientation (choose between gay or bisexual);
  • Birthdate.

Can Unmatch a User on OnlyLads?

No matching happens on the site. Users do not receive the options of potential candidates who will be suitable for them automatically or based on any criteria. This dating site offers you browsing opportunities and filtering people according to their age, location, or activity on the platform. If you liked a person or added them to favorites and then changed your mind, undo the action by reviewing your list of favorites. These OnlyLads users will not get a notification about you unliking them, but you will disappear from the list of people who added them to favorites.

Can Unmatch a User on OnlyLads?

How Old Should You Be to Enroll the OnlyLads Website?

Users under eighteen cannot use the site. The minimum age available for choosing the in the drop-down menu considering age during the registration is 2003. From the pictures some people upload, you can see they are under the required age. If you notice such people — feel free to report their violation of the terms of use.

How Does the Account Verification Happen?

OnlyLads users cannot receive a special official badge to confirm their authenticity. The only verification step is email activation. There is no such thing as account verification on this dating platform. For this reason, many people browse the site without a photo, and with a minimum user description — you should decide whether to trust such individuals.

Should You Verify the Email Address?

You cannot access the site without proving that you are a real person using a valid email. To activate the account, you have to enter a five-number code you receive in a letter to your email address.

Can You Use Facebook to Set Up a Profile?

You can register via Facebook, and the site promises to save your details in complete anonymity and never post on your wall.

Can You Access the Site Without Signing Up?

Unauthorized users will see the public profiles even without signing up. If you make your account private, the system will protect your data from all the Internet users and other members of OnlyLads.

How to Create a Quality Profile and Fill It In?

OnlyLads provides you with the quick registration and ability to skip the set-up. Users are free to add more details to their profiles later. Open the separate “Update Profile” from the drop-down menu to change the details like cover or profile photo, lifestyle description, partner preferences, or what you are looking for on the site.

Can You Delete the Already Uploaded Photos on OnlyLads?

You can manage the album at any time. Any user can upload pictures to the main, private, or messenger album. Sometimes you do not have to remove the photo. Just make it private and weed out the users who can see it.

Can You Delete the Already Uploaded Photos on OnlyLads?

How to Change Your Username on OnlyLads?

The username consists of the location you initially chose during the registration and the name. You can change all parameters like location, username, or real name, by going to your profile settings.

Can You Delete Your OnlyLads Profile?

Go to your account setting and choose the “Remove account” button that redirects you to the account deletion form. State the reason for wanting to remove your account and confirm the decision.

Can You Hide Your OnlyLads Profile Without Deleting It?

Switch the privacy settings to make your profile public or private. The second option makes it impossible for the free users to read your detailed profile description and to read the preview in the search results of engines like Google. You can also choose who will see your list of friends or hide it from everyone.

Can You Remove Your Information From the OnlyLads Base?

Deleting your account removes all the data from the base of users. Your profile will be inactive, but the conversation history will still be available for all the people you have been messaging.

What Member Search Features Are Available There?

There are no filters to set for the search — you can browse between the sections of the site and manually review users’ profiles.

Can You See OnlyLads Users You Liked in One Place?

Click the “Liked you” button in the menu to the left of the site. There you will see this information.

Which Search Options Are There on OnlyLads?

The search is possible within your location or by stating any other place around the world because the site is accessible globally. The sections that automatically sort out the users are the nest:

  • Near you;
  • Search another location;
  • Visited you;
  • Liked you;
  • Just joined;
  • Friends;
  • Favorites.
Which Search Options Are There on OnlyLads?

Can You See What OnlyLads Liked You?

As a free member, you get only the preview of the people who liked you, to see the full list — upgrade to the premium.

Sending Messages and Other Communication Options

The premium membership provides you with extended communication functionality. There is nothing unusual about it, and the OnlyLads website will not take you aback with outstanding features compared to the competitors.

How to Reach Out to the OnlyLads User You Like?

The communication features available for the upgraded users will pleasantly surprise you:

  • Sending an “icebreaker” allows you to poke a person, wink, wave, or smile at them;
  • Sending a friend request will show the OnlyLads user you like them too;
  • Adding people to favorites means you want to contact them later or not message them but let them know about your sympathy;
  • Chatting function is the most convenient and allows you to get the person closer.

How Do You Start a Conversation?

Open the profile of a user you like and click on “Chat.” If you are unsure what to text them, use an “Icebreaker.”

Can You Send Messages Free of Charge?

You can send three messages per day as a free user. Only upgraded members can enjoy unlimited messaging.

Can You See What OnlyLads Users Sent You a Message?

Check your inbox for the new messages or the archive to see the old conversations. There, you will find all people who message you if they did not clear out the message history.

Can You Communicate via the Camera the OnlyLads Website?

This dating service doesn’t provide you with such a function on their website or app.

How To Filter OnlyLads Users Who Can Message You?

It is possible to block people from contacting you, but you cannot choose from whom you will receive messages.

How To Filter OnlyLads Users Who Can Message You?

Membership Features, Prices, and Paying Methods

You have to do in-depth research to read which features you get as a paid user finally. Your account settings contain this information in the “Benefit chart” mode. Read it out to decide on paying for the subscription. The price is also not stated, but the OnlyLads website gives you an approximate cost of $ 10 per month. The provider notes that the price will vary if you pay for an extended subscription period starting from three months.

What You Get as a Free User?

Your functionality for free is restricted within the next set of opportunities:

  • Previewing photos;
  • Seeing no more than 50 OnlyLads profiles per day;
  • Sending 3 messages per day;
  • Opening ten search results profiles;
  • Adding ten friends;
  • Holding no more than twenty people in your favorites list at any time;
  • Seeing only the preview of those who visited you, added your account to favorites, or liked you.

What You Get as a Paying Member?

The Premium Membership contains the next features:

  • Viewing high-resolution OnlyLads user photos;
  • Seeing unlimited profiles;
  • Sending as many messages as you want;
  • Accessing search result pages without restrictions;
  • Adding unlimited number of friends;
  • Maintaining as many favorites in your list as you want;
  • Seeing who has visited your OnlyLads profile;
  • Seeing those who added you to favorites;
  • Creating custom search filters;
  • Hiding advertising.

Is There an Upgraded Membership Available on OnlyLads?

When you initially register on the site, you will receive unlimited access to all the features. Do not let this OnlyLads freebie confuse you. After 24 hours, your Membership becomes regular if you do no pay for the continuation. You can upgrade to use the service as an upgraded user and receive more functions. Not all the features are available for free, so you may want to buy a subscription.

How to Cancel an OnlyLads Subscription?

Go to the “Account” section of the profile and choose to “Cancel the membership” there.

Is the OnlyLads Subscription Auto-Renewable or No?

Your subscription will be billed every month for the chosen period.

Can You Get a Refund for the Unused Period?

You cannot get a refund even if you decide to cancel the subscription before its end.

Do the Support Services Renew Automatically on OnlyLads?

The support services go together with the subscription and auto-renew every month.

Can You Get a Refund For Not Enjoying OnlyLads?

Refunds are not available under any conditions.

Will the OnlyLads Name Be Visible on Your Card Bill?

Upon billing the OnlyLads support services, the name that will appear in your credit card history will be the name of the company — Rocketware Limited. The system doesn’t store your payments in their base, and all transactions are 3D secure.

Can You Share an OnlyLads Subscription?

The subscription is individual, and you can apply it only to one account.

Can You Enroll for a One-Month Subscription?

The minimum duration of the Membership is one month and goes up to one year.

Can You Enroll for a One-Month Subscription?

Should You Consider the OnlyLads Website a Safe Place?

Unfortunately, even unauthorized users can see the personal details of members when they first open the site. The previews of the profile show photos of real people who enrolled in the service. These users risk being noticed by the haters outside the community. The OnlyLads members learn about their photos being displayed in the preview by tipping the user agreement. As practice shows, not all people read the terms of use and may not know that any Internet users can see them. If you did not come out in real life, you should give yourself away by using this dating platform.

Security and Privacy Measures OnlyLads Takes

Despite the rate of fakes on the platform, the safety level you get as a free or premium user is sufficient. The technical backing of privacy is stable.

Do Your OnlyLads Conversations Get Encrypted?

The connection on all the OnlyLads pages is secure, and you can be sure about your conversations’ anonymity. When you delete the messaging history, the site removes it from its base and deletes it for your interlocutor.

Does OnlyLads Track Down the Users?

You are free to choose your location, and the site doesn’t track it down. The provider collects cookies and has access to the IP of your Internet provider. If you access the service from the phone, you can switch off the access to the GPS.

Can the Police Track You Down on OnlyLads?

No, unless you seriously violate the terms of use or show fraudulent activity that other people can prove.

Who to Contact With Privacy Inquiries Towards OnlyLads?

Users who think their interaction with the provider did not happen within the legal norms can contact the police or first try to solve the issue with the site’s support. All the details about the leading company’s office you will find at the bottom of this OnlyLads review.

The Safety: Can Scammers Approach the Site Easily?

Because the provider allows users without photos to freely browse the platform, you can never be sure whether you talk to a real person. To better learn who hides on the other side of the screen, you should be attentive and report someone if you find their behavior offending. Several reports will lead to a ban.

Do OnlyLads Moderators Control the Public Forums?

There are no public discussions on the OnlyLads Website. The moderators do not review the private conversations of users.

What Happens to the OnlyLads Users Suspected in Swindling Money?

In case users notice their fraudulent activity and report it to the support, the help team will remove a scammer forever. Police can be involved for further investigation if severe financial damage has been imposed on a user.

What to Do If the Provider Bans Your Account?

Any user can block you if you seem underaged, violate the terms of use, or offend them. What to do then?

Why Can Your Access to the OnlyLads Website Get Restricted?

Uploading pictures showing illegal activity, soliciting money, or openly deceiving users can lead to your ban.

How Long Can an OnlyLads Ban Last?

There are no details stated about this. In case you violate the basic terms of use, you risk losing your profile forever.

Can You Reactivate Your Banned Account?

If you find out that the moderators’ team has removed your profile, be sure to contact them to receive the explanations and find out about the conditions for reactivation.

The Personal Caution Measures the Provider Advises

OnlyLads Website promises to offer a fully anonymous and safe dating environment for open gays. You can already conclude that the safety measures the provider implements aren’t perfect. Still, at least you get the necessary protection level like reporting users, contacting the help center, or blocking people.

How Can You Block a Scammer on the Dating Portal?

If any user harasses you, open their profile or a conversation with them and choose “Report profile” or “Block profile.”

What Information to Avoid Posting on the OnlyLads Account?

The site allows users to browse without having uploaded a photo. You can stay private if you with. When registering, you are free to use your real name or choose a username. It is up to you to decide. The provider doesn’t block you from revealing personal details.

How to Get in Touch With the Support Team?

Contacting the Help Center is quite complicated, and you should open a few links until you find the report form. You should scroll to the bottom of the page to express your feedback about the site’s operation or apply it for help. There you will see the “Support” button. Click on it to see the FAQs and the active link to redirect you to the help form.

How to Get in Touch With the Support Team?

Real-Life Opinions of This Dating Site

What conclusion can you make after exploring many OnlyLads reviews? Is this resource finally worth your attention? Maybe the brief expert answers to the frequent answers will help you in making a decision.

Is OnlyLads the Best Dating Website Out There?

Insufficient security measures and poor functionality will stop you from saying so. Despite the big audience, you can find better apps for gay dating.

Is the OnlyLads Website Good for Getting Laid?

You will find many singles ready to bang on the platform. It is quite suitable for seeking one-night stands.

Can You Use OnlyLads for Free?

The initial registration is free because the site operates on the basis of a freemium subscription. You can sign up free of charge, but some advanced features are only available to the paying members.

How Does OnlyLads Dating Resource Work?

This dating site unites gays and bisexuals who seek friendship and serious or casual meetings for sex. Girls can also join the site because the provider doesn’t ban females, but if you are a lesbian, it is better to use the OnlyWomen site instead.

Will You Meet Many Fakes on OnlyLads?

You can tell the real users from the bots or scammers. What is more, the provider does everything possible to prevent suspicious members from accessing the platform.

Alternatives of the OnlyLads Website You Can Try

  • GayCupid is an international freemium gay dating site with a multi-million audience.
  • AdultFriendFinder is a hookup site friendly to the representatives of LGBTQ. Here you can state your orientation as bisexual or gay, and the system will show you only people corresponding to your criteria.
  • EliteSingles offers a serious community of people who are ready for gay marriages and long-term dating.

The Ultimate Information Guide to Contact the Provider

Company: Rocketware Limited

Address: Rocketware Limited, 1 Aire Street, Leeds, LS1 4PR

E-mail: management@datingnode.com

The Ultimate Information Guide to Contact the Provider

All Things Considered: Is the Platform Good for All?

The rate of fake accounts on the site is average and doesn’t cause any problems, so it is definitely safe. Its gay niche attracts thousands of users every day. If you have been looking for a secure homosexual community — OnlyLads is for you.

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