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RussianBrides Review In 2021 – a Complete Analysis

RussianBrides Review In 2021 – a Complete Analysis
About Girls
Date with older guy 22%
Reply rate 80%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 21-45
Profiles 3.860.700
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website of RussianBrides has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It gives a lot of attention to security and has invested heavily in anti-scam policy and female members' verification.
  • The site has an extensive database that is full of beautiful Russian women. You will find any kind of woman you like.
  • It has various communication facilities like video chat, to develop intimacy among its members.
  • The diversity in its features can be accessed by free members only up to a minimal extent.
  • Women on the RussianBrides website look like supermodels, making men skeptical about whether their profiles are genuine.
  • Many members have complained that some fake profiles have ripped them off on the website.
  • It does not have a mobile app of its own, limiting its accessibility and reducing its membership base.
  • It becomes very confusing and time-consuming to find a match out of all profiles.

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A lot of men in the world look for beautiful women to make them their life partners. Many men and women search outside their country for diversification. It is a well-known fact that Russian women are gorgeous. Besides, many of them also look forward to leaving their country and marry a man from the west. Therefore, there is a common interest in marrying each other. RussianBrides is a dating website that tries to capitalize on this idea. The site has a lot of beautiful women for men. Moreover, it has a vast base of male membership. However, the best aspect of this website is its seriousness towards security.

Is RussianBrides Available in Multiple Languages?

The platform is available in multiple languages. Other than English, the site also offers its services in Spanish, French, and Slovak. This allows membership from more than one country.

Which Company Operates RussianBrides?

The company that manages this platform is SOL Networks Limited.

What Is the Location of RussianBrides?

Even though RussianBrides has maximum users from the UK and the US, its parent company’s office is based in Hong Kong. However, the brand has its office in the US and Russia. You can find the website online with the URL russianbrides.com.

When Did RussianBrides Hit the Market?

The brand was started in 2000. It has existed for 20 years and gained a lot of experience in this field.

Is RussianBrides Available in Multiple Countries?

The platform has a website that can be accessed from any part of the world. However, the site is most beneficial for men in the US, the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Algeria.

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

This part of the RussianBrides review will look into the features that make the brand better than its peers. Some of these features of the brand are unique and can be found only within this platform.


Presents are virtual gifts that you send to your matches in an attempt to impress them. These presents are not free, and you have to buy them using your credits. You send these presents during Live Chat with your matches.

Let’s Mingle

Let’s Mingle is a smart feature that allows you to simultaneously send messages to large numbers of members. The members you select match specific criteria. It cuts the user’s effort in sending personal messages to users who are very similar based on some criteria. It allows the user to connect with many people at the same time.

Live Chat

Live Chat

The live chat is a feature of RussianBrides that allows members to interact better and know each other. The service provides text and video calls for interaction. You can send presents during Live Chat.

Member Composition

The exact membership base of the website is not available. The maximum number of male users comes from countries like the US, the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Algeria. Female members are mostly from Russia, and there are some from Ukraine and other neighboring countries. The site is open only for straight people, which is a little regressive. The website experiences a lot of traffic, with 367,500 unique monthly visitors. The gender ratio of the platform is 30 percent of women to 70 percent of men. RussianBrides has a phenomenal rate compared to its competitors.

Age Composition

The majority of male members come under the age bracket of 35–44, followed by the age group of 25–34. On the contrary, the majority of female members lie in the age group of 18–24.

Fake Profiles

The website has invested millions in security to ensure that the site is free from fake profiles and scammers. Even so, many users have complained about the same problem. Moreover, the female profiles look like supermodels, which brings doubt to the minds of male users.


It is essential to analyze the accessibility of RussianBrides. This helps in deciding whether the brand can be accessed anytime or not. This, in turn, affects the convenience of the user. Dating platforms should have natural methods of accessibility for flirting with matches on the go.

RussianBrides Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there is no mobile application available at the moment for the platform. This is not very pleasant, as many adults prefer an app for dating. However, the website has been optimized to operate on smartphones.

RussianBrides Desktop Version

There is a website available for the brand. Moreover, it is even optimized to work on smartphones. The RussianBrides website looks better when used on smartphones. It is effortless to operate the site, and it does not require any assistance. However, the design of the website could have been better.

Is There an Option to Use the App From PC?

There is no option where you can use the app through PC as the platform does not have an app in the first place. However, the website has been optimized to work on a smartphone.

Is Russianbrides Compatible With Most Browsers?

Is Russianbrides Compatible With Most Browsers?

The RussianBrides website is compatible with almost all web browsers. It can efficiently work in such browsers as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

When Can You Have Trouble Entering the Website?

Sometimes users find it challenging to enter the website. When the site does not open, it is mostly due to high traffic or technical issues. However, when you cannot log in to the website, it is mainly because you have entered the wrong login credentials.

Design and Usability

It is crucial that the platform you build as a dating website has a good design. Moreover, it should be easy to navigate so that anyone can use it. As per this RussianBrides review, the design of the website is not bad. Nevertheless, it could have been better. Even though the layout is good and everything is in place, the aesthetics are not right and feel a bit outdated. On the other hand, the design is good, which paves the way for comfortable usability. Anyone can use the website — from a tech-savvy to a technically challenged person.

Sign-up Process

Sign-up Process

It is straightforward to sign up on this platform. It hardly requires any effort to register yourself as a member. First, you have to enter the RussianBrides website and open the sign-up page. There you will find two ways to register on the website. The first option is where you can provide your Google account for registration. If you do not have a Google account, you have to fill a small form with three columns. You have to provide your name, email ID, and password for your account. Once this is done, you have to verify your account via your email ID. With this, the registration process will be over.

How to Unmatch a Member on RussianBrides?

RussianBrides has the feature of adding members to their contact list. You can edit the contact list anytime you want. You can also block any user and cut ties with them permanently.

What Is the Minimum Age Limit for Becoming a RussianBrides Member?

You can only register yourself as a member only if you have crossed the age of 18. Any person below 18 is considered a minor.

What Are the Ways to Verify One’s Account?

The verification process for male and female members is different. Male members only have to verify their accounts through their email ID. However, the process is stricter for female users. Every female member is confirmed through a rigorous process wherein they are personally contacted.

How Can You Verify Through Your Email ID?

Once you register through your email ID, the RussianBrides website will send a confirmation link to your email ID. You have to log in to your email ID and click on the confirmation link. By clicking on the link, your account gets verified.

How to Register Using Your Facebook Account?

The platform does not provide you with an option of registering through Facebook. You can only sign up using your Google account or any other email ID.

Is There an Option to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

You cannot do anything on the site other than scrolling through the homepage without registering. Any click you make will ask you to express yourself first. This is a way through which dating sites inflate their total number of users.

How to Set up One’s Profile?

How to Set up One's Profile?

Once you register yourself, you have to set up your profile on RussianBrides. You can provide personal information about yourself, like your interests. You can also describe what you are looking for in your matches. Moreover, you can also mention your physical appearance. However, it is not mandatory to provide this information. You can only opt-out of this by uploading a profile photo. If you are serious about connecting with people, add a high-quality profile picture that looks professional. Since it is not mandatory to set up your profile, it leads to many fake ones.

How Can You Delete an Uploaded Photo on RussianBrides?

You can delete the photos on RussianBrides whenever you like. You need to login into your account first. Then click on the “My Profile” option and remove your photograph.

What Are the Steps to Edit One’s Username on RussianBrides?

In this platform, you do not have any animated username. The name you provide during registration becomes your username. You cannot change this username, and it remains permanent throughout.

How Can One Delete Personal RussianBrides Profile?

You can delete anything and everything from your profile whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is log in to your account and visit the “My Profile” page. Every detail of your RussianBrides profile will have a pencil attached to it. You can delete any field you want and then save the changes. You can cancel your account by writing down a mail to support@russianbridesmailing.com

What Happens When You Disable Your Visibility On RussianBrides?

The platform does not provide an option to hide your visibility. You can only delete your account.

How Can You Delete the Information Given On RussianBrides?

Any information you provide becomes a part of your profile. You can delete the information provided by visiting the “My Profile” page.

Search Options

The methods to search for a match are very important for any dating site. This RussianBrides review will now look into the search options available to a user for finding a partner.

Is There an Option on RussianBrides to See the Profiles You Liked?

You can add the profiles you like to your contact list. This will help you in keeping a tab on the profiles you want.

What Are the Search Options Available on RussianBrides?

The website has a search browser to look for profiles. The primary filter for search includes age, country, interests, and online status. It also has advanced filters. The advanced filters have specific filters like appearance, smoking and drinking habits, city, English speaking skills, etc. You can also search for a member using the member ID.

Is There an Option to See the Profiles That Liked Your RussianBrides Page?

RussianBrides does not provide an option where you can see the users who have liked your profile. The choice is not available to either free or paid users.


Any dating site needs to have a sound communication system to create intimacy between the match. Now the review will look into the communication features of the website.

What Are the Different Methods to Contact Other Members on RussianBrides?

The platform provides multiple methods to initiate conversation between members. The best feature of RussianBrides is the Live Chat feature that you can text or video call other members. There is a second option of sending emails to the members. The member does not need to be online in this case. The last option is a unique feature from the platform — “Let’s Mingle”, where you can simultaneously send the same message to multiple women. This reduces the job of sending personal messages to everyone.

What Are the Steps Involved to Message Someone?

You can message a user by visiting their profile. You will find the option of “Email Me” and “Live Chat” in their profile.

Are There Any Charges for Sending Messages?

Every messaging feature is free to all users. However, there is a limit on the use of this feature.

How Can You View the Messages You Receive on RussianBrides?

You will receive a notification on the website regarding the messages you receive.

What Are the Steps to Use the Camera on RussianBrides?

RussianBrides requires you to use your camera when you video calls any user via the Live Chat feature. When you click on Live Chat and opt for a video call, the site will automatically use your PC’s camera.

How Can You Control Who Can Message Me on RussianBrides?

You can block users or decide not to reply to them when receiving messages on the website.

Subscription Types and Price

You have to pay a fee to upgrade your account to a premium membership. However, you require payment for one more aspect. You need to pay for credits that get used up for viewing the messages of other users. You can pay through your credit card or your mobile phone. The different prices for subscription and credits on RussianBrides are:

Duration / Credits Costs Total
Premium Membership
20 Credits 0.15 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
1 Month 15.99 USD / Month 15.99 USD

Features of Free Membership

Features of Free Membership
  1. You can register on the website for free.
  2. As a free user, you can use the “Let’s Meet” feature once every 24 hours.
  3. You can send three offline emails to a maximum of 10 members in a day.
  4. You can chat with ten users for a maximum of 3 minutes in a day.

Features of Premium Membership

  1. You can buy the credit package at a discount.
  2. You can use “Let’s Mingle” without any restriction or limitation.
  3. You can use video calls and chats without any limitations.
  4. You can send unlimited offline messages to an unlimited number of members.

Is There a Premium Membership On RussianBrides?

RussianBrides offers premium membership on payment of a fee that unlocks all the features for the user.

How Can You Cancel Your Premium Membership on RussianBrides?

You can delete your premium membership without much hassle from the site itself.

Does the RussianBrides Subscription Get Auto-Renewed?

The subscription gets automatically renewed when a cycle ends. The money gets automatically deducted from your credit card.

Can You Get a Refund When You Do Not Avail the Premium Services?

Once the amount for a cycle gets deducted, there is no way you can get a refund for the premium membership.

Does the RussianBrides Subscription Get Auto-Renewed Every Month?

Since the site offers only a monthly subscription and has a default auto-renewal system, the subscription gets auto-renewed every month.

Can You Get Your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied With RussianBrides?

The service has a strict no refund policy. You cannot get a refund once the payment gets deducted from your credit card.

What Will Be Shown in Your Credit Card Bill When You Make Payment to RussianBrides?

The credit card bill will show as RussianBrides when you make payment to the website.

Can You Pay for Other Members On RussianBrides?

You can pay for other members on the website with the same credit card. However, every subscription gets auto-renewed, and your credit will take a deduction for that.

Can You Subscribe to a Premium Membership for Just One Month?

You can opt for the monthly subscription and then cancel the auto-renewal to subscribe for a premium membership for just one month.

How Safe Are the Members of RussianBrides?

As per RussianBrides rules, the site has invested millions in ensuring its members’ safety and security. Every male member has to verify their account through the email ID provided at the registration time. However, the female members have to go through a stricter process. Every female member is personally contacted and verified by the website. Moreover, the security team of the site is very vigilant in tracking down fake profiles.

Do Members Enjoy Privacy On RussianBrides?

The members of the website get a lot of privacy. Enough freedom is given to the members to choose what to show in their profile. Users can delete irrelevant information. RussianBrides has a stringent privacy policy, which is available on the website.

Does RussianBrides Use Encryption for Messages?

The site has not provided information regarding the encryption of messages. Since the site has a strict security policy, the members’ chats and video calls remain safe.

Is There Any Way for RussianBrides to Track You Down?

The website can use the IP address of the network used by your device to determine your location.

Can the Police Trace RussianBrides?

RussianBrides has been in business for more than 20 years. They have an open website and multiple offices in Russia, the USA, and Singapore. Thus, the police can track down the site.

Where Can You Ask About Any Doubts Regarding Privacy on RussianBrides?

You can always contact customer service or drop a mail to customer service mail for any doubts you may have regarding your website’s privacy.


The security of any dating website contributes to the benefits of the platform. In this platform’s case, the people behind it are earnest about the website’s security. They take a lot of attention in removing fake profiles and scammers. However, most of the vigilance goes for reviewing female profiles, and the authenticity of male members gets neglected to a certain extent.

Does RussianBrides Use Thread Moderation for Its Forums?

RussianBrides does not have any forums on its website.

What Action Does RussianBrides Take Against People Who Try to Solicit Money?

The people behind the website are always on the lookout for fake profiles and scammers. If they trace any such user, they are immediately banned from the website.

Banished Account

The site is very active in removing accounts that look like fake profiles. Any account is banned if it gets reported by many users.

Why Cannot One Access Personal RussianBrides Account?

You might be unable to open your account in case the website bans you. This could be because of your non-disciplinary behavior on the website.

What Is the Duration of a Ban on RussianBrides?

Once RussianBrides representatives ban your account, it gets banned for life.

What Are the Steps to Reactivate One’s Banned Account?

You cannot reactivate an account if you are banned. The site is very strict with its safety policies.

Measures to Be Safe

Just like the company takes its security seriously, you should also be vigilant and alert. If you feel their account is a fake one or you suspect a person to be a scammer, report any user. Do not trust anyone very easily.

How Can You Block and Report a Potential Scammer?

You can block or report any user you feel as a suspected scammer or fake member. The site promises to take strict action against such people.

Which Information Should Be Avoided From Posting in One’s RussianBrides Profile?

RussianBrides advises its users to be active and alert all the time. As a precautionary measure, users should not provide any information like a mobile number, email ID, etc., in their profile.

Aid and Assistance

The people behind the website are committed to providing their users with excellent service. This is why they are never afraid to back their users should they report any fraudulent activity. You can contact the people through their customer care number. You can also email them with their queries.

Authentic User Review

Authentic User Review

There is nothing more reliable than the testimony of the users. This part of the RussianBrides review will dive into the answers of real-life users of the website. This will provide you with a better understanding of the platform.

Can RussianBrides Be Considered as the Best Dating Site/App?

The platform cannot be called the best dating app. However, it is a perfect one for those who are looking for Russian girls.

How Safe Is the RussianBrides Website?

The people behind the website claim to have invested a lot in the security of its members. Users can also check this fact.

Is RussianBrides Suitable for Casual Hookups and Flings?

The platform is not for casual hookups. RussianBrides is more suitable for those who are seeking to develop a long-term relationship with beautiful Russian girls.

Is RussianBrides Free for Its Users?

The platform is not entirely free and has a premium subscription for paid users.

How Does RussianBrides Operate?

It is a platform where men can find hot and beautiful Russian women for long-term dating and marriage.

Does RussianBrides Have Fake or Scam Members?

Despite the efforts from the website, the site still has many fake profiles and scammers.

Competitors of RussianBrides

Surprisingly, many dating sites work on the same niche market. Some of the websites’ competitors are Russian Cupid, bride.ru, Hot Russian Brides, RoseBrides, etc.

Contact Details

Company: Sol Networks Limited

Address: Unit 3, 26/F Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza 1, Science Museum ROAD Tsim Sha Tsui East KL, Hong Kong

Phone Number: 1 (800) 480-8077

Email ID: support@russianbridesmailing.com


RussianBrides is one of those few platforms that work hard to keep their users safe and secure. Moreover, it has numerous beautiful and hot Russian women eager to find their men from the west. The effort of the site to verify the identity of each female member is commendable. However, on the negative side, the website looks a bit old, even though it works well. The platform does not have any mobile application yet, and an optimized website for smartphones is no substitute for it. The site seems good even after these drawbacks. Unlike other RussianBrides reviews, this one has every detail of the website and will recommend you to try it once for sure.

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