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STD Dating Sites in 2021: Complete Review for Positive Daters

Positive Singles
Positive Singles
GOOD FOR People with all types of herpes can find partners for active sexual lives.

An STD Dating Guide to Find the Right One

Why Std Dating Website a Right Choice?

STD dating is a foreign concept for many, especially with millions of streamline dating websites.

According to an assessment, more than 100 million are infected by STD in the US only. Medically it’s believed that half of the sexually active people get infected with an STD once in their life. However, STD carriers suffer from the stigma of the incurable disease.

It’s not fair that a person having an STD could not be liable as a potential dating match. Thus, to solve this group’s hardships, dating sites have introduced a well-structured dating platform for only them. No matter what STD you have, HIV, Herpes or HPV, etc. The dating site for people with STDs provides ample opportunities to find a partner.

There are numerous STD dating apps and sites, but the question is which of these is the right dating site. Before getting deeper into the online dating scene, it’s wise to consider the STD dating site’s features and functionalities.

There are streamline dating websites like Tinder and Match, which allow various options, and STD carriers can make their profile on such dating services. Despite that, the members of such sites are mostly reluctant to date people with STDs. If you opt to join an STD dating site, it’s clear that the site members are either STD carriers or aware of sexually transmitted diseases.

The member base of dating sites for people with STDs is small. Most people with STD prefer regular dating platforms. They interact with people on these sites and let them know about their status. The chances of rejection on such sites are 80%. On the other hand, if you find a partner on particular dating sites, the chances are near to 100% to find an understanding partner. It’s up to you to select whether you want to join a dating platform where STD carriers are stigmatized or join a smaller dating pool where people do not degrade you for your std status?

Is Online Dating an Easy Route for STD Positives

In recent years people have experienced many dating niches for BDSM to Amish. Although,

a particular place that’s been flourishing for some years is the STD dating websites. There are many which have bold taglines encouraging STD positives to join their dating site. They are others that are designed explicitly for Herpes or other such sexually transmitted diseases.

These STD dating apps or sites give STD carriers new hope to live. They encourage them not to stop living before death with an incurable disease.

Dating sites like PositiveSingles have a large dating pool of about 100,000 members globally. Some other STD dating sites connect people with any sexually transmitted disease. Members are allowed to search users with any distinction.

These dating websites work almost similarly to the other streamlined dating websites. The search filters usually have additional sections for sexually transmitted infections.

The increase in STD dating sites is because of the increased rate of STDs all over the world. Many infections have been cured, while others don’t have cures up to date.

A dating site for people with STDs has fantastic opportunities to find a partner without any hesitation. There is no awkward confirmation about your disease; you don’t have to be terrified whether they will understand or not. In most cases, both matches already know about each other’s STD, which makes bonding so much easier.

These online STD dating sites not only offer dating options but also provide health counseling. Many of these platforms have blogs and forums to discuss issues and share positive experiences.

How STD Dating Websites Work in Finding Potential Matches?

The primary purpose of the STD dating sites is to provide a stigma-free dating environment for members. They can easily see each other’s STD status, which avoids the awkward revealing conversations. Both STD dating apps and sites provide a transparent platform where members know each other’s health issues.

These dating sites matching strategies are not based on their physical and sexual preferences but also their STD. You can connect with a person with a similar infection who can understand your feelings better than others. Many success stories have revealed finding partners in the STD dating sites for long terms.

STD Dating Apps Help to Meet People Who Understand

Many STD dating apps in the market provide a safe platform where members can connect based on their sexually transmitted infections.


One of such apps is MPWH (Meet People With Herpes). It’s an amazing dating app focusing on connecting people with Herpes. The site is mainly designed for people with oral and genital Herpes.


Hope is another STD dating app where people with STDs connect. It’s a strong community that considers STD positives as special people. The positive environment and encouraging community light hope to live in those who are degraded by judgemental society.


HMates is another STD dating app that caters to members seeking long term relationships and hookups.

STD Dating Sites That Are Free to Join

There are many STD dating sites in the market, but it’s best to join free ones. This STD dating site review compiled a list of the platforms for our members.


HMates is an excellent STD dating website with more than 15,000 members. It’s a free dating platform where members can join and create profiles to impress members. The advanced search filters on the site are an exclusive feature of the website.

STD Passions

STD Passions is best among free STD dating sites. The site interconnects with Herpes Passion and HIV Passions. It’s the venture of the network and provides a member base of about 35 million users.

Herpes Anonymous

It’s another great dating and social website which focuses on both dating and networking aspects. The site provides a strong community for people with STDs.

Features to Consider When Looking for STD Dating Site

One should consider some features while looking for the best STD dating website.

Easy to Use and User Friendly Navigation

An important feature to analyze when looking for an STD dating website is its layout. The navigation should be user friendly and the features easily accessible. The graphics should not be from the 90s era, and the functionalities are accessible. The site should have some fun features and provide you with an amazing experience.

Content Should Be Useful for People With STDs

Content is the ultimate key to any successful dating website. When we are talking about the STD dating website, the members are already suffering from health issues. It’s best to join a site that can provide you with informational articles on different STDs. The consultant on the dating platform can be a great addition. Some of the best STD dating apps have blogs and forums to benefit users.

Multiple Communication Features and Easy Interaction Tools

The best STD dating site provides you with ample opportunities to interact with members. Look for the communication tools for one on one and group chats. Does the site offer email and instant messenger services? Is there an option for video calling? The more interaction features mean better communication chances.

STD Dating Tips for an Exceptional Experience

There are no rigid rules or tips when it comes to STD dating. Here are some useful tips for enhancing your dating experience on STD dating platforms.

Educate Yourself About Your Disease

It’s best to educate yourself about your disease and how to cope with it. It’s better to have some positive thinking before stepping into the dating world. There are thousands of people with incurable sexual diseases but living a happy life. Think positive before finding someone to be a part of your life.

Join STD Dating Sites for Multiple Purpose

When joining the STD dating sites, do not only aim for finding a life partner or hook up. It’s good to see some friends suffering from the same disease join the blogs and group chat to know how others are dealing with their health issues. Read other positive experiences to have some optimistic vibes.

Do Not Limit Yourself to STD Dating Sites

You have an STD; that doesn’t mean you can’t date ordinary people or make friends on streamline dating sites. Join sites like Tinder, Match, or CoffeeMeetsBagel the key is to be confident. Tell beforehand about your STD status, and be prepared for whatever reaction they deliver. An adverse reaction does not mean the end of the world, while a positive response will leave you with a date or friend.

Your Profile Should Be Based on Honesty

Create an honest profile with details worth mentioning. Describe your Sexually transmitted ailment in exact words to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Last Words About the STD Dating Websites

Dating sites for people with STD is a fantastic concept to connect like-minded people. Std positives feel terrified and ashamed when looking for dates through traditional means. If you want to avoid the stigmatized responses, it’s best to join the dating platforms specially designed for people seeking STD dating partners.

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