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TenderMeets Review: A Great Dating Site or a Scam?

TenderMeets Review: A Great Dating Site or a Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 81%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 11.783.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • TenderMeets has a simple registration
  • Many special features
  • Premium subscription requires more data
  • Plenty of faked profiles
  • Irritating ads in a mobile version
  • High prices

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TenderMeets website has an extensive user base that is growing every day. It attracts people who are new to online dating and want to meet someone special not only for online communication but with real-life prospects. The project is a mixture of social and dating sites that enable all subscribers to reach anybody they want to. Frankly speaking, it is its main advantage. Compared to other niche portals, this one has simpler matchmaking methods that, together with plenty of various features, will deliver you an impressive experience. If you want to learn more about the project, then go on reading TenderMeets Review and clarify all issues that may interest you.

Is TenderMeets Multilingual?

Yes, the website is multilingual and supports the major languages. Hence you will be able to enjoy the portal’s functionality in the language you know without risking failing to understand the portal’s options or your interlocutors.

Who Operates TenderMeets?

A well-known in the industry, Porticato Media Ltd owns the site and constantly works at boosting the provided services. The developers try to do their best to continue placing the leading position in the search results and attract more regular clients.

What is the Location of TenderMeets?

The current location of TenderMeets is in the capital of England, London. The office is situated there, and the developers mention its real address for the case if you want to check the company’s legitimacy.

Is TenderMeets an Experienced Site?

The website started its history not so many years ago and is recognized as a young and not very experienced portal in comparison to other services. Still, it is predicted to be a successful player in the market due to its quick spread.

Is TenderMeet accessible worldwide?

Yes, residents of any country across the globe have access to the dating site. It warmly welcomes people of all nations, religions, and races, so you can feel free to join it without any doubt.

Special Features

Special Features

As a new player in the market, TenderMeets offers standard features as most of the other sites, as well as a few special ones. They are aimed at making your experience a real pleasure.

It resembles a popular Tinder mechanism when you see plenty of photos that you can look through. You may either like them or not by pressing the corresponding button. All your likes will be saved in the folder, “You liked.” Also, you can check people who liked you in the folder “Who liked you.” In case you have mutual interests, the folder “Matches” will show it.

Safe mode

According to TenderMeets review, the provider gives you full control over those who can send you messages. If it is switched off, everyone can get in touch with you. A basic safe mode means you can view and contact all subscribers. A full safe mode allows only verified users to write your messages.

100% money-back guarantee

The main purpose of the TenderMeets website is to meet your expectations for 100%. That’s why the developers included the opportunity of returning the money if you are not satisfied with the quality of services you are paying for. You just need to get in touch with a support system, prove that you have been engaged in some kind of communication with other members, and, as a result, do not like the quality a website provides. Afterward, you will be able to finish a refund process.

Promote my account

The administration allows you to promote a profile even when you are not online. You will get a promo message of the type you choose on your own (e.g., about short-term relationships, etc.). Also, there is an opportunity to include any members of the site to your list of favorites.

Audience Distribution

Audience Distribution

If you are looking for some hookup opportunities or do not take online dating seriously, TenderMeets is not for you; it is better to look for some alternative. The subscribers are eager to meet someone special and start the romance of their life. Most members of the site are males (66%) who are ready to build serious relationships. The portal is open for people interested in same-sex connections, so you shouldn’t worry that someone will judge you for having not very traditional sexual preferences. It is a rapidly-growing platform that users from all over the world give preference to.

The Age of Members

In general, all age groups are well represented on the site as the portal is loyal to all members. Still, the most popular group is people from 25 to 34. Precisely at this age, most members feel their readiness to start some serious, long-term commitment.

Fakes and Scammers

Most TenderMeets Reviews agree on the impossibility of getting rid of the scammers for 100%. Though the website administration monitors all activities, checks the profiles, and constantly improves the quality of delivered services, there are still some fakes. You can help remove them from the portal by reporting about the abuse. For this, go to the profile of a particular member and press the three dots option. Choose the report button and click on it. The administration will instantly get your notification and will quickly solve this issue.

Peculiarities of Mobile app and Website

Peculiarities of Mobile app and Website

Most dating providers come up with two versions of the portal at once; that is for a smartphone and PC. TenderMeets is not an exception, as well. It is available in two versions, so the users can decide which one suits them more.

Let’s look in detail at what you may expect from them.

TenderMeets App

Unfortunately, the provider doesn’t come up with a separate mobile application, though you can still navigate it on your smartphone. The company has designed a mobile version of a popular platform that is compatible with all phones. It works smoothly, without any problems. The functionality is similar to a PC version but features some irritating advertisements. A mobile-adaptive version is easy-to-use and navigate. All in all, the absence of a mobile app is not bad at all. You get the same functions without sacrificing smartphone memory. Of course, it may seem to be not as convenient as a separate app, but anyway, you get an opportunity to access the entire functionality of TenderMeets on the go.

How is Website Organized?

The website looks quite up-to-date and easy-to-navigate. It will appeal to subscribers who prefer navigating through the sections on a big-sized screen. You will be able to perform any actions on your favorite device: register an account, fill in a profile, browse the profiles of other members, get in touch with a support system, etc. Due to plenty of positive reviews from members, it looks like a perfect option for daters of any age. A PC version has everything you need for a convenient and pleasant performance.

Can I enter the app via a computer?

The provider doesn’t have a separate mobile app, but you can indeed enter the website via your PC.

Which browsers operate TenderMeets?

The TenderMeets website is compatible with all modern browsers, so you can feel free to launch it via any of the available browsers at the moment.

Why can’t I enter the site?

There are no issues reported about the inability to access the website. If you still face such a problem, you should try to restart your PC, log in again and check whether the problem still occurs. If you didn’t manage to get rid of it, then contact a support system to find out the reason; maybe the developers are having some service work at the given moment.



In general, TenderMeets has a clear and simple-to-navigate design. It can be recognized as a classic one, with white as a dominating color. The notification from an admin team and ads may make the users a little bit confused. When somebody is writing to you, you will see a pop-up window in front of you. Pink and blue accents are used to emphasize that the website is catering to men and women. When you enter a homepage, you will see plenty of profile previews based on your preference. You will see short info about them at the bottom of their pictures, such as age, distance, and names. You may sort them in a convenient way. The website logo is also clear and catchy. Besides it, there are a Like Gallery and a search bar. Here you will find the “Upgrade” button that will be useful if you decide to become a paying member. Finally, there are such icons as notification, message, and profile icons at your service.

Steps of Registration Process

According to TenderMeets Reviews, the registration procedure will not take you more than a quarter of an hour. First of all, you need to confirm that you are 18 years or older. In case of a positive answer, you can go on signing up on the website. The site will ask what your gender and the gender of a person you are looking for is. Then you need to tell your age, email, and password. The location is determined automatically. Afterward, the administration will send you a letter with a verification link. Finally, you can upload a photo and mention more information about your personality. Or, you can skip this step and return to it later if you want.

Can I Stop Connection with a member of TenderMeets?

If you want to unmatch any of your current interlocutors on the portal, you can just stop communication or block this person.

What are age requirements for registration on TenderMeets?

The age requirements for registering an account on the TenderMeets website do not differ much from other niche portals. A person must be at least 18 years old. This is the first question that the site will ask you. If you do not meet this requirement, the system will automatically redirect you to the Google browser’s main page.

Which ways can I verify my account?

The administration of TenderMeets allows you to verify your account either by email or a phone number.

How do I verify my email?

To verify your account by email, you should mention a valid address and follow the link you will get on your email.

What happens in case of signing in via Facebook?

The provider doesn’t allow you to register an account on the TenderMeets website via Facebook.

Can I access the website without registration?

No, you will not be able to access the site’s functionality without going through a registration process. This is what your experience starts with.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

After registering an account, you can go to the profile section and fill in the required information. Be honest while answering the questions. Otherwise, you may meet the wrong person.

Is it possible to delete a photo from TenderMeets?

Yes, you can easily delete any photo that you do not want to be shown in your profile anymore. Go to the gallery, choose a particular image, and remove it instantly.

How to change username on the site?

Go to the profile setting, find a field with a username, and change it.

Can I delete a profile from TenderMeets?

Yes, you may delete your profile at any minute when you feel like stopping to navigate the site. Log in to the TenderMeets website, scroll the page down, and find the button “Remove Account.” Then you need to follow the admin’s instructions.

What is the point of “Show me on TenderMeets” option?

It lets you come closer to the rest of the community.

Is it possible to remove recently added info from TenderMeets?

You are allowed to add, change, and delete any of your data whenever you want.

You will see an instant search bar on the top of the TenderMeets page. Set the age, location, gender, and any of the other offered features to find the person of your dream.

How to check members who I liked on TenderMeets?

You can go to the Like Gallery by pressing the button on the top and check who you liked.

What search options of TenderMeets are available?

You can look for the person via basic features, or set some advanced. Among them are orientation, tattoo, body type, the color of hair and eyes, piercing, etc.

How to check who liked you on TenderMeets without paying?

This option is available in Like Gallery. Go there, click on the relevant button, and you will see who liked your profile on the TenderMeets website without investing any money.



You can reach another subscriber by sending a private message or likes in the Like Gallery.

How to initiate conversation on TenderMeets?

After finding the person who attracted your attention, you need to initiate the conversation via any available messaging options.

How to write a message?

You will see a “Chat” option on the profile preview. Click on it, and a pop-up window will appear. You can create any message and send it to the person at once.

Is writing email free of charge?

Yes, the chatting function on TenderMeets doesn’t require any investments. However, free members can write messages only to five members daily.

How to see who messaged me?

When somebody writes to you, you get a notification that mentions the person who tried to get in touch with you.

How to use camera on TenderMeets?

According to TenderMeets Reviews, the administration allows you to send videos in the chat and share your best moments with other users.

How to filter people who can message me on TenderMeets?

You can block users who do not appeal to you. In this way, they will not be able to browse your profile or send a message to you.

Prices and Offered Payment Methods

You can pay for the services via a credit or a debit card after choosing the subscription plan that appeals to you. Here are the offered packages:

  • 1 Month $34.99
  • 3 Months $19.99 per month or $59.97 in total
  • 6 Months $15.99 per month or $95.94 in total

Free Access Peculiarities

A standard member of TenderMeets can enjoy such options:

  • Registering an account
  • Browsing the profiles
  • Uploading photos and videos
  • Using Like Gallery
  • Navigating in a safe mode

Premium Access Peculiarities

All paying members get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Advanced search parameters
  • Browsing full-sized pictures
  • Attaching photos and videos to message
  • Checking full profile data

Does TenderMeets have Premium subscription?

Yes, the TenderMeets portal has a Premium subscription option that gives users some privileges.

How to end membership on TenderMeets?

Go to the profile setting and refuse to be a Premium Member. Note that the administration will not return your money if you decide to do this in the middle of the term.

Does TenderMeets have auto-renewed option?

Yes, the provider will automatically take the funds from your banking account after the ending of the previous period.

Is it possible to return money for unused time?

No, it is not possible. But of course, you can check your luck, reach the support system of TenderMeets and tell the reason for giving money back to you.

Is “support” of TenderMeets renewed every month automatically?

No, it is not. It renews at the end of the period you paid for.

Is there a refund option on TenderMeets?

Is there a refund option on TenderMeets?

You can contact the administration and clarify whether it is possible in your particular case.

How is the support of TenderMeets shown on a credit card bill?

It is depicted as “For other services.”

Can I provide other subscribers of TenderMeets with support?

It is up to you, but remember that revealing your banking details may lead to undesired consequences.

Is it possible to give support for a month only?

A TenderMeets Review states that you can decide on your own.

Is TenderMeets safe enough?

You can be sure that the website administration does everything in its power to protect your personal and banking data. Advanced security algorithms greatly minimize the risks of coming across a fake.

Privacy policy of TenderMeets

Before joining the website, you should attentively read the rules of the privacy policy. Any attempts to break them will lead to removing the account from the portal.

Are chats on TenderMeets encrypted or not?

All chatrooms are monitored and encrypted, so no one will find out details of your communication.

Can TenderMeets track down your performance?

The administration of the TenderMeets site always monitors the activities within the portal.

Can police track the activity?

No, it’s not possible. All chats are encrypted.

Who to contact on the issue of privacy on TenderMeets?

You can get in touch with a support system in case of having some problems in terms of security.

Safety Policy

Safety Policy

All peculiarities are discussed in the Terms of use section on the site. It is recommended to study them attentively, especially if it is your first dating experience.

Does administration moderate the forum threads on TenderMeet?

There is no forum on the TenderMeets website.

What are consequences of using TenderMeets for collecting money?

Your account will be removed at once.

Banned account

Banned accounts do not have access to the portal and can’t enjoy its options anymore.

What is the reason for the inability to enter the site?

Among the most wide-spread reasons are bad Internet connection, some service updates, and when your account is banned.

How long is the duration of ban on TenderMeets?

You can read more about this question in the relevant section of the site.

How to reactivate a banned account?

You should create it again and start your performance from the very beginning. If you want to back to your former account, then get in touch with a support system and find out whether it is possible.

Protect yourself

The website administration stresses that only you take responsibility for your own actions. If you follow any external link or share personal and banking info, then the support system is not obliged to assist you in the protection of your safety.

How to block another user?

You can either get in touch with the administration or browse a particular person’s profile, find a “Block” button and click on it.

What data I can’t publish on TenderMeets Account?

You are not allowed to include any contact or financial details to your account on TenderMeets, as well as offensive content.

Help and Support Information

Help and Support Information

You can get quick top-quality support assistance by calling or writing to the admin team.

Real Users’ Review

The website can boast a variety of positive reviews from real people, thanks to a high-quality protection system. Taken security measures do not let any third parties get access to your personal or financial information.

Is TenderMeets the best dating portal?

The tastes differ, but this portal has all chances to win your attention and become a great tool for achieving your aim.

Is TenderMeets safe enough?

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the security system. The admin team uses the best protection measures to guarantee you a friendly and secure dating environment.

Is TenderMeets suitable for hookups?

TenderMeets is definitely not suitable for short-term relations or a one-night stand. If you are interested in getting exactly such an experience, you’d better look for another alternative.

Is TenderMeets free of charge?

The policy of the portal involves free and fee-based services, so it can’t be called a fully free portal. You can navigate it without making any investments, but you will have to pay for it if you want to get access to more advanced features.

How does TenderMeets operate?

The principles of TenderMeets work don’t differ from other similar dating portals. You need to register an account and verify it, then fill in profile information, set search filters, and browse offered matches. Next, you should choose any of the offered profiles and get in touch with its owner.

Are there fake profiles on TenderMeets?

Though the administration takes all necessary measures, the site has rare cases of scams. It is recommended to report abuse instantly, without any hesitation.

Alternatives to TenderMeets

If you want to compare TenderMeets with other similar platforms, then you can look at such popular alternatives:

  • Match.com. It is a popular dating website that is focused on providing all types of relationships. People worldwide register their accounts on the portal, trying to find what they are looking for. The site has a diverse set of features, several massaging options, and plenty of verified users. It is a good choice for daters who want to become a member of the responsive and friendly community.
  • OK.Cupid.com. The main feature of this site is a list of questions that you will have to answer. It is recommended to be honest as the potential interlocutors are chosen exactly on your answers. The design is simple and attractive. You are not going to face any complications while navigating the site.
  • LoveMe.com. It is mainly focused on men who are interested in meeting women from other countries. The site has free and fee-based options that will allow you to achieve the goals easily. The user base is very large, with a minimal number of scammers.

Contact Information Details

If you want to reach Porticato Media Ltd., you can use this contact information:

  • Address: Nwms Center 31 Southhampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd Floor, London, England, United Kingdom WC1B 5HJ
  • Hotline number: +44-344 482 4945
  • Email Address: support@tendermeets.com

Final Thoughts

Despite a great variety of dating sites, finding the most suitable one takes time and effort. The TenderMeets website stands out of the crowd, thanks to a successful mixture of dating and social platform features. People who are eager to find their soulmate will definitely like this portal. Most members are mature enough and know what they want. If you are ready to build strong, serious relationships, then TenderMeets is worth your attention.

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