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Spdate Review: Great Dating Site?

Spdate Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 35%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 1.860.990
About Site
Visit rate 9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is easy and straightforward.
  • Spdate website is free for use.
  • Accounts can get verified.
  • Several ads on the website can be a lot frustrating for users.
  • The presence of bots with fake profiles can be undesirable to members since a lot of people seek human companionship only.
  • The price for premium membership is somewhat high.

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Spdate is a dating website that connects adventurous singles for casual sexual encounters and flings. Founded in 2007, the dating website has carved a niche for itself in the world of hookup sites on the internet. With over 500,000 members from the United States only, there are easily a large number of users for you to choose from. In this Spdate review, we will be answering your questions about the site while also letting you know if the website is what it claims to be.

How many languages does Spdate support?

Spdate supports all major languages. These include English, German, Chinese, etc.

Who owns Spdate?

Spdate was founded by two Stanford graduates. They are Simon Tisminezky and Dan Abelon.

When was Spdate founded?

Spdate was founded in 2007. It has ever since grown to become one of the leading dating websites on the internet.

Where is Spdate based?

Presently, Spdate is based in Cyprus. Spdate is being operated in Cyprus by Digital International Inc.

Is Spdate available worldwide?

Yes, Spdate is available worldwide. The dating platform is available in all countries of the world.

Special Features

Special Features

Below are some of Spdate’s special features.


With this feature, you get to like the photos of other members that you consider hot while skipping the ones that are not. The photos that you’ve liked in the past will be saved in Discovery.

Sex Request

This feature can help you arrange a date with any willing member of the dating site.


With this feature, you get to see the list of the most popular members. You can visit their profile and even send them messages through this section.

Audience Quality

There are millions of members on Spdate, with 700,000, among them, being from the United States. About 500,000 members are active weekly on the Spdate Website. Male members outnumber their female counterparts, with the male taking 73% and the female 27%, respectively.

Most of the Spdate members are very young and heterosexual too. This dating platform might not be exactly favorable for someone who is looking for a serious and committed relationship since most Spdate users are only after casual flings and short-term sexual encounters.

Upon registering on the website, you would receive a lot of messages from several people. This is mainly because Spdate uses bots to generate activity on the site when the activity is very low.

Age Distribution

The age group with the highest amount of members on Spdate is the 25-34 age group, which is followed closely by 18-24, then 35-44. The 45-54 age group comes next, with 55+ taking the rear.

Fakes and Scammers

Artificial members with fake profiles abound on Spdate. The website itself makes use of fake users not only to boost the activity of the site but also to keep the company of real members. These bots with fake profiles rarely ever chat, and if they do, they only reply to messages with sexy photos of people in their undergarments. While some people might see this as steamy, others consider it a waste of time that they have to spend their time talking to bots with who they have no prospect.

Mobile app and Website

Spdate doesn’t have a mobile app version, as it can only be accessed through the website. The website can be accessed with any phone through any mobile browser.

Spdate App

Spdate dating platform does not have a mobile app. It is only available on a mobile version of the website. You can access the website through your phone with any mobile browser.

Spdate Website

Spdate Website

Spdate Website has a clean and clear design that can be navigated even by the least internet-savvy person. The loading time of the website is just average, so you don’t get to spend a lot of time waiting for the website to load. The only downside to the website is the tons of advertisements present on it.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Spdate does not have a mobile app since it’s only available as a website. However, you can access the website with your computer.

Which browsers support Spdate?

Spdate is supported by virtually all browsers. If your browser is one of the major browsers like Opera Mini, Firefox, Chrome, Phoenix, etc., then you don’t have to worry because they all support Spdate.

Why am I finding it difficult to enter the site?

There are several reasons why you might be unable to enter the website. For one, you might not be connected to the internet. That aside, you might be having difficulties accessing the site because your account had been blocked. Also, you might be having a hard time entering the website, mainly because your browser doesn’t support the website.


While Spdate’s interface is simple and straightforward, it isn’t without its hiccups. For one, the interface of the website is constantly bombarded with advertisements. These advertisements are so sensitive that even if you click on another feature entirely, the advertisements might get clicked upon. It is so extreme that, at times, these advertisements and external links would stay right in the way of your “Messages” so that when you try to open or type a message, you end up clicking on the advertisement instead.

Registration Process

Registering and opening an account on Spdate is very easy, fast, and free. The registration process only takes one step, which makes it less time-consuming than most dating websites. The only thing that might pose a problem during registration is the presence of tons of advertisements.

You only need to provide basic information about yourself during registration, and this information should include your name, gender, age, and email address. Once you are done with all these, you can now start to use the website’s features.

Once you have successfully created an account, you will see another pop-up ad that shares a lot of resemblance with the site’s features. Clicking on this will only take you to another different website, so the best thing to do is to close this advertisement.

Another problem with signing in on Spdate is that it might take more than once to get it done. This is because if you log out of the account, you might be unable to log in to your Spdate again since the website has no sign-in page.

Can I unmatch a Spdate member that I’ve been earlier matched with?

Yes, you can unmatch a member of Spdate that you’ve been matched with before. To do this, go to their profile, then click on the “Unmatch” button.

How old must you be to be able to register on Spdate?

To register on Spdate and open an account on the dating website, you need to be at least 18 years old. A minor cannot open an account, and if a member is found to have lied about their age to get registered, the account would automatically get deleted.

How can I verify my Spdate account?

To verify your Spdate account, you can choose either of two options. The first option requires that you provide your Identity for your profile to get verified. The second, on the other, is to get your age verified. The age verification on Spdate usually costs 0.99, which will be refunded back to you within 7 days of the verification.

How can I verify my email?

During registration, you will be required to register with a valid email address. To complete your registration and to verify your email, a verification link will be sent to the email address. Click on the link to verify your email, and you will be redirected back to the website.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

To register on Spdate, you don’t need to register with your Facebook account. All you need to open an account on Spdate is your valid email address.

Can I access the site without signing up?

No, you cannot access Spdate without first signing up on the site. To be able to use the website and its many functions, you have to first open an account on it.

Profile Set-up

Profile Set-up

Most profiles on Spdate are not well detailed. In addition to this, you might stumble upon several advertisements on profile pages of Spdate members. A lot of these ads tend to share similarities with actual functions on the site. For example, an ad might come off as a friend request notification on the site. However, when you click this “notification,” you get directed to another website entirely. What makes these ads annoying is that you tend to encounter them on other user’s profiles.

While Spdate’s profile is not exactly detailed, they aren’t all that bad either. There is basic information on each member’s profile. You get to see basic information like the member’s name, age, gender, and the likes. There is also the problem of fake profiles as a large number of profiles on Spdate are fake; they are generated by the site to make it more engaging. These fake profiles never seem to be able to hold an actual conversation as they usually reply to any message that you send with a sexy photo.

Is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded in Spdate?

Yes, you can delete a photo that you previously uploaded on Spdate. To do this, go to your photo album, select the photo that you wish to delete, then click on the three dots on the right side. You will see a list of options; click on “Delete.”

How can I edit my username in Spdate?

To edit your username, go to “My Profile,” select “Edit Profile. Select your username then and edit it.

How can I delete my Spdate profile?

If you wish to delete your Spdate profile, go to “Settings.” Click on the last tab on the list, which is the “Delete Profile.” Select “Remove” then.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Spdate” option?

If you disable the “Show Me” feature on Spdate, your profile will not pop up on other members’ timelines when they are browsing Spdate. Similarly, other members will be unable to contact you or like your profile.

Can I delete the information that I’ve submitted to Spdate?

Yes, you can delete information that you’ve already submitted on Spdate. To do this, go to “My Profile,” then click on “Edit Profile,” after which you will be able to remove and edit any information that you wish to.

Member Search

The search features are not available on Spdate. You can only like other members and send them messages.

Is it possible to see the Spdate members who I liked?

Yes, you can see the Members of the Spdate who you like. To see them, go to your home page, select “Discovery.” On this page, you will see a list of all the members that you like.

What are the different options of Spdate Search?

You cannot search for other members on Spdate, as this feature is not available on the dating website.

Can I see if someone likes me on Spdate as a free member?

Yes, you can see if another user of Spdate likes you if you are a free member. A notification will be sent to you once another user likes you.



Sending messages on Spdate is quite simple as well as free. This means that you don’t have to be a paid member to send messages to other members on Spdate. You can also send images as messages to other members.

The messaging feature on Spdate is the main feature for interaction on the website. The only downside to this feature is that you might be talking to an artificial member of Spdate if you are not careful.

How can I message someone on Spdate?

Sending messages to other members on Spdate is very simple. All you have to do is go to the member’s profile, then send them a message.

Is sending messages free on spdate?

You can send and receive messages as a free member on Spdate. To do this, all you have to do is go to the profile of the member to who you want to send messages.

How can I see who messaged me on Spdate?

As a free member of Spdate, you can see who sent you messages, and you can also reply to these messages. To see who has messaged you on Spdate, go to the “Messaging” section of the website.

How can I use the camera on Spdate?

To use the camera, click on the camera icon in your “Messaging” section.

How can I filter who can message me on Spdate?

The feature that allows you to filter those who can send you messages is not available on Spdate. However, in order not to waste your time by talking to artificial users, you can check the profiles out to see if a member is real or not before having a conversation with them.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

At 39.99 USD, the price of Spdate’s membership can be said to be on a high, especially when compared to other dating sites that offer the same services. You can make the payment for a premium membership with your credit card. Just in case you Like to know, the bill on your credit card is always discreet.

Free Membership Features

As a free member of Spdate, you get access to the following features;

  • You can create an account on Spdate.
  • You can view the profiles of other members on Spdate.
  • You can send messages to other members.
  • You have access to other members’ photo albums.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member of Spdate, you get access to the following features;

  • You get access to active users
  • You get unlimited access to photos.

Is premium membership available on Spdate?

Yes, Spdate offers premium membership. However, you can only make a premium subscription for a month.

How can I cancel my Spdate premium membership?

To cancel your premium membership on Spdate, go to “My Profile,” then select “Cancel Membership.” That’s it.

Does Spdate membership gets auto-renewed?

Yes, premium membership on Spdate gets auto-renewed. To stop this, you can cancel the auto-renewal.

Can I get a refund for times when I was inactive?

If your account gets permanently locked, then you will get a refund. The refund will be calculated based on the unused time on your premium subscription, which you’ve already paid for.

Does my premium membership subscription to Spdate gets automatically renewed every month?

Yes, your premium membership gets automatically renewed every month. If you don’t want your subscription to get renewed, you can simply cancel it.

I am not satisfied with the Spdate’s services. Can I get my money back?

If you think that you are supposed to get a refund on Spdate, send a mail to their support at support@digitalint.co. Attach evidence and information on your claims to the email.

How will my Spdate payment appear on my credit card bill?

Spdate is quite discreet when it comes to their payment. Your Spdate premium membership payment will appear as “pay2gate24.net” on your credit card bill

Can I make payment for premium membership for other Spdate members?

No, you cannot make payment for another member on Spdate. Members can only make premium membership payments only for themselves.

Can I subscribe to premium membership for just a month?

Yes, you can make the payment on Spdate for just a month. To subscribe to the premium membership for a month, you have to pay $39.99.

Is Spdate Really Safe?

Is Spdate Really Safe?

Spdate is very safe. Not only do they have a credit card fraud protection policy, but they also have features to protect their users against unnecessary charges

Privacy in Spdate

Spdate takes the privacy and security of its users very seriously. Therefore, you can be sure that your data and messages are secure and can’t be accessed by third-parties.

Are chats on Spdate encrypted?

No, chats are not encrypted on Spdate. However, your data and chats are secured, so you don’t have to worry about your information being hacked by a third-party.

Can I be tracked by Spdate?

Spdate makes use of information on your device to match you up with other users. Therefore, they automatically have your location. However, Spdate would not track you down as this is an infringement on your privacy.

Can my account be traced by the police?

No, you cannot be traced by the police with your Spdate account. Being a dating website that takes the privacy and security of its users with all seriousness, they will never share your details with third parties.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Spdate?

While your security is assured on Spdate, it is understandable if you still feel insecure. Thus, If you have questions regarding your privacy or any other questions at all, contact Spdate’s support at support@digitalint.co.


In a bid to further protect its members, Spdate provides a verification process for them. While this is not compulsory for all members, it helps members know if who they are talking to is who he/she claims to be.

Are there moderators on Spdate Forums?

The “Forum” feature is not available on Spdate. Therefore, there cannot possibly be a moderator on the website.

What will happen if a member of Spdate solicits money on the website?

If a member solicits money from you on Spdate, then you should report and block them. Spdate will take the necessary steps to ensure that such member faces the necessary punishment for their actions.

Banned Account

Just like every other establishment, rules and regulations govern Spdate. As a member of the dating website, if you mock any of these rules, then you run the risk of getting your account banned. In extreme cases, you might even lose your account.

Why am I unable to access Spdate?

Check if you are connected to the internet and if your browser supports Spdate. If none of these is the problem, then the only other reason why you might be unable to access Spdate is if you have been banned.

How long are Spdate bans?

The duration of Spdate bans varies, and it all depends on the extent of your offense. If your offense is mild, you can get banned for a day or two; If the offense is serious, you might get banned permanently.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

You can get your account reactivated if the ban is not permanent. If your account has been banned temporarily, contact Spdate’s support to get it reactivated.

Protect Yourself

While the dating website provides protection policies to keep you safe on the website, it is also important for you to take extra measures to protect yourself. Don’t share personal information with someone that you met on the website, and this personal information includes your credit card details, home address, and office address.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer on Spdate?

To block another Spdate user who you suspect is a Scammer, go to such member’s profile, then click on the right-side column. Select the “block & report button.”

Which information shouldn’t I post on my Spdate Account?

During registration, you are only required to provide basic information about yourself: your name, age, gender, and the likes. Personal information like your precise home and office address is not required, and you shouldn’t post them.

Help and Support

The support feature on Spdate functions well, and they are accessible to members at any time. If you have any complaints or questions, reach Spdate’s support at support@digitalint.co.

Real Life Review

I’ve been using Spdate for close to a year, and while I have met quite an amount of fake profiles, I’ve learned over time to decipher which profile is fake and which one isn’t. Once I got the hang of this, I was able to meet amazing men on the website.
I have met face-to-face with six women that I met on the website, so I can say that it is not a scam website. The fact that it can be used for free makes it even better since I’m not exactly financially buoyant enough to be able to afford a premium membership.
Khalid, 24

Can Spdate be considered the best dating website?

While Spdate cannot exactly be considered the best dating website on the internet, it certainly isn’t the worst either. In fact, for a free dating site, Spdate offers tons of features that you cannot get from a lot of dating websites.

Is Spdate a safe site?

Spdate is a safe dating website. There is an all-around protection policy on the website to protect you and your data from third-parties. Similarly, the payment system is well-protected with credit card fraud protection.

Is Spdate a hook-up site?

Spdate connects people who are single and sexually adventurous, so it can be considered a hookup site. However, people have been known to build long-term and committed relationships off the dating site.

Can Spdate be used for free?

You can create an account and use Spdate for free. Features like sending messages, communicating with others, viewing other members’ profiles are all available for free. However, there is a premium membership that gives you access to other advanced features.

How does Spdate work?

Right from Spdate registration, you will realize that opening an account on Spdate is a seamless journey that takes only a few minutes. To open an account on Spdate, all you are required to provide is your name, gender, age, and a valid email. Once you are done registering, you can start using the Spdate website.

There are a lot of members on Spdate, and you don’t need to do a lot of searching to meet them. The reason for this is because right after registration, you will receive loads of messages from other users who would like to chat with you.

The special features of Spdate are to help you connect with people to meet for hookups. There are always tons of sexually adventurous members everywhere you go on the site. If you see the profile of a member that you like, all you have to do is to send them messages.

Just like Tinder has the “swiping” feature, Spdate has the “Discovery” feature that suggests matches for you based on similarities. When you see suggested members, you can decide to like them if you consider them hot, or you can skip them altogether if you think they are not hot.

Are there fake profiles or scam members on Spdate?

Over the years, there have been complaints from users that Spdate makes use of fake profiles and “artificial users” to push traffic on the website. Similarly, users of the dating site have complained about getting loads of messages once they join the site only to realize that none of the messages came from real users.

Alternative Sites Like Spdate

Alternatives to SpDate include AdultFriendFinder, Flingster, and BeNaughty. They are all dating sites that cater to singles seeking hookups and casual relationships.

Contact Information

Company: Digital International, Inc.

Address: Cyprus

E-Mail: support@digitalint.co



Spdate is a dating site that attracts people with its amazing features and free membership. While some members get discouraged by the fake profiles and bots, others have, over time, found a way around them. Some members have confessed to enjoying chatting with the bots.

Presently, Spdate is one of the very few dating sites that offer a lot of features – including chats – for free. If casual sexual encounters are what you want, then you should check Spdate out. It’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose.

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