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Thaicupid Review: Is this online service helpful?

Thaicupid Review: Is this online service helpful?
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 81%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 15-45
Profiles 8.784.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • ThaiCupid website is accessible in several languages.
  • Registering on the site takes less than one minute.
  • You can register using your Facebook account.
  • Anyone may access the direct messaging feature.
  • The platform can be accessed both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • The phone application gets downloaded without paying at the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • As seen from most ThaiCupid reviews, user accounts get banned without users’ knowledge.
  • Free users cannot access many of the website features.
  • Some people have incomplete profiles.
  • The phone application has an old design.

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ThaiCupid website was created in 2002. Since then, it has united thousands of individuals with suitable partners from many nations globally. This service is among those highly trusted online platforms, and it features more than three million individuals. The number of individuals that join the website keeps going up each time.

ThaiCupid is under the most established Cupid Media network that runs more than thirty outstanding dating services. This platform aims to connect single people globally.

Very few dating services offer people the opportunity to interact with more than three million individuals from Australia and several other places around the globe. The platform is committed to enabling members to meet suitable romantic partners, no matter where they are.

As an outstanding online service, the ThaiCupid site unites all unmarried individuals from any place around the globe. For more than ten years now, thousands of users have found good marriage partners on this website, and they have shared their encouraging stories.

The languages that ThaiCupid supports

The online service is accessible in English, Italian, Polski, Norsk, Dansk, Suomi, Deutsch, Francais, Svenska, Turkce, and some other languages.

ThaiCupid company owner

This online service is owned and run by the Cupid Media group.

Where is ThaiCupid platform based currently?

The service is on the Gold Coast, Australia.

When was ThaiCupid founded?

This site was created in 2002.

Is ThaiCupid service accessible globally?

Yes. People from any place around the globe may join this platform.

Top functions

Top functions

Various notable functions are on the ThaiCupid platform, ensuring all individuals enjoy a wonderful experience.

Cupid tags

You can put tags on your page with phrases that describe you. These tags are known as Cupid Tags. This feature makes your profile show up any time an individual looks up tags.

Block List

When you meet someone you do not like on this website, it is possible to block him/her so that he/she does not connect with you.

Verifying profile

You may decide to have your ThaiCupid profile confirmed by providing several identification documents. You may even become verified by writing the company an email. Being verified hardens user genuineness.

Direct messaging

The function is for ThaiCupid service live communications. You may use messaging and the camera to interact with other people. If you are a non-paying individual, you may only be able to connect with the users that pay. All individuals on paid plans can connect with any person they like, no matter their membership.

Platform audience

ThaiCupid site has more than three million members, and it is accessible through twenty-five unique languages. Each day, there are approximately three thousand logins. Eighty-five percent of the population is male, and the females make up fifteen percent of the community population.

Many people who visit the ThaiCupid platform come from nations such as Germany, UK, France, the US, and Thailand. Considering these statistics, it may be concluded that the majority of the unions that happen on the site are between local Thailand females and foreign males. So, if you are a female looking to date a foreign male, you will not experience any challenges or find one on ThaiCupid’s platform.


People must be above eighteen years to enjoy this online service. The majority of the website users are from eighteen to fifty years.

Fakes and scams

Just like in every other dating site, you are likely to meet fakes or scammers on ThaiCupid’s site. The platform, however, performs the best identity confirmation for members, thus helping people determine if the people they meet are authentic.

Mobile and desktop versions

Mobile and desktop versions

The dating service is accessible both on desktop and portable gadgets.

ThaiCupid mobile

The phone service is for both Android and iPhone members. This application offers a straightforward way of searching and communicating with Thailand women. Through the application, you may register and start searching for a suitable romantic partner from wherever you live. You may modify your account, post pictures, communicate with anyone you admire, and upgrade your account on your phone.

ThaiCupid PC version

The website is interactive; all its offers and functions appear neatly arranged. The site may get navigated fast, and it is safe for connecting and depositing payments. The service is available in twenty-five unique languages; people from any place around the globe can never face challenges meeting and contacting suitable partners.

Can the service application be accessed using a PC?

Yes. To use ThaiCupid’s application on your PC, you must first download and install AppKiwi. Next, you will download the service application and install it. After that, launch the site from the APK library.

The browsers that support ThaiCupid

To function correctly, you require the latest edition of the internet browser. You will also need the updated version of Flash Player and Java. You must also enable cookies and disable the Pop-up blocker.

What makes it difficult to enter the site?

If you are having trouble accessing the ThaiCupid website, check your internet connection. If you find that your internet is okay, then you should also check whether you got banned from using the service. The site can ban people from accessing its offers without any warning.

Website interface

Website interface

The general design of the ThaiCupid platform is similar to that of the official Cupid Media site. The design makes navigating and accessing features easy for members. Do not expect anything new in terms of creativeness.

If you are above thirty-five years old, you will be comfortable with the site design because it looks familiar. The buttons and all the content on the websites look beautiful, and they make your browsing experience more interactive.

If you are young and more into flashy websites, the design of the website might not impress you.

Signing up

Registering on the ThaiCupid website is straightforward. You can register through an email address or a Facebook account. If you choose to use Facebook, the site will get access to the details you already have there. Within a few seconds, your account will get created.

Sign up with an email address if you do not want your Facebook account to get connected to your ThaiCupid website account. Registering with an email address is also simple. You will enter your email address and a password on the registration form. Other details that you must provide are age and gender.

Can matches get unmatched ThaiCupid?

The matches on this site get generated as per your preferences. So, if you do not like a person in your match findings, you should edit your preferences.

Which is the minimum ThaiCupid site users age?

You must be above eighteen years old to use this dating service.

How are accounts verified?

You can confirm your account by clicking on the Verify Profile option on the site menu. There you will upload your verification document, and you will also fill out a form with your private details. Your ThaiCupid website verification documents must meet the criteria below.

  • It must be a government ID such as a driving license or passport.
  • There must be private details and a picture.
  • Your ID must be valid.
  • The ThaiCupid site only accepts .gif, .bmp, and .jpg files.
  • Your photo must be colored.

How do users verify their emails?

To verify your email, you should register using your email address. Once you register, open your email address and click the verification button.

What happens when registration happens through Facebook?

Registering with a Facebook account is straightforward and fast. Details such as your bio and pictures will be copied to your ThaiCupid account when you register with Facebook. You will not need to verify your dating account when you sign up with Facebook.

Is it a must to sign up?

Yes. You cannot use this dating service if you are not registered.

Profile creation

Profile creation

Once you have registered, you can log into the website and fill out your profile. The profile details include hair color, length and type, height, weight, body mass index, ethnicity, and eye color. You must also upload pictures and say something about yourself.

Can uploaded pictures get deleted on ThaiCupid?

You can remove a picture by going to the photo management section. There you will click the picture you wish to delete and confirm your action.

Can a username be changed in ThaiCupid?

No. The only information that can get modified on the website is the profile details. Your username can never get altered.

Can you delete your ThaiCupid profile?

Accounts on this dating website can get deleted by writing an email to the site requesting deletion. You can also delete your account on your own by going to the settings section on the profile. Before deleting, you must provide your reason for choosing to stop using the service.

What happens if you hide your ThaiCupid profile?

Hiding your profile will make you invisible. Other users will not see your profile on search findings, and so nobody will communicate with you.

Can the information provided on ThaiCupid get deleted?

Yes. You can delete your profile details if you wish.

Searching for matches

The ThaiCupid site has various ways of searching for matches. The searching features allow you to browse a wide range of people or narrow the findings to a few specific users. The platform additionally provides advanced searching features. With the advanced feature, you can look for a match using filters like user number, keyword, active members, people that match your criteria, and so on.

Do users know the ThaiCupid users that like them?

Yes. This website allows everyone to send interests to anyone they admire without paying. All members who like you will get displayed on a list.

Which are the various ThaiCupid searching features?

This site offers several searching functions. You may additionally narrow the search to find the most suitable matches quickly. Users may search through characteristics like age, ethnicity, body type, location, and so on.

Will you know when other individuals like you on ThaiCupid?

Yes. Anyone who likes you gets added to a list. You can find the list through the activity menu on the homepage.



The site provides a messaging function that can be accessed by both the non-paying and paying members.

How do users begin messaging someone on ThaiCupid?

When a person expresses interest in you, you should do the same if you like him/her. After that, you may write him/her a text, and you might receive a reply since that person already likes you.

How can you text other people?

You may begin by showing interest, and if a person shows he/she likes you as well, you should go ahead and write that person a message.

Is the messaging service free?

Yes. Free users can use all the messaging features.

Do users see who sends them a text on ThaiCupid?

This site has the message section, which, when you click on it, you can view the texts that other people have sent you.

How do you use the camera ThaiCupid site?

To utilize a camera, ensure the webcam is on. When you click on the live chat feature with the camera on, you will be seeing the other individual you are chatting with, and he/she will also be seeing you.

Can users filter people who can message me on ThaiCupid?

There is no way to filter people who message you on this platform. The only way to prevent some people from sending you messages is by blocking them.

Membership cost and the payment options

Platinum membership price:

  • Twelve months: 13.33 dollars per month, which totals up to 159.99 dollars.
  • Three months: 26.66 dollars per month, which totals up to 79.98 dollars.
  • One month: 39.99 dollars.

Gold membership price

  • Twelve months: 11.67 dollars per month, which totals up to 139.99 dollars.
  • Three months: 23.33 dollars per month, which totals up to 69.98 dollars.
  • One month: 34.99 dollars.

Transaction methods

  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

Unpaid services

See below all the services that free users enjoy on the ThaiCupid platform.

  • Registering.
  • Building a profile.
  • Searching.
  • Showing interest.
  • Messaging the paying members.

Premium ThaiCupid website users enjoy the offers below.

  • Sending messages to any person.
  • Communicating live using instant messenger.
  • Writing and getting texts.
  • No adverts.
  • Having private profiles and browsing anonymously.
  • Getting a higher ranking than others.
  • Doubling the account space.
  • VIP account featuring.
  • Exclusive searching features.
  • Translating texts into their language.

Does ThaiCupid provide paid service?

Yes. It has both the Platinum and Gold membership, which users should pay monthly, after three months or after twelve months.

How is the ThaiCupid service subscription ended?

The subscription gets renewed automatically, but that can get stopped at any moment. If you wish to stop paying for this service, stop the payment by selecting Billing at the settings section on the site. Choose No on the Automatic Renewing payment section and update the amendments. The service will require you to confirm the decision. Next, you should click on the Turn off billing option.

Can the ThaiCupid subscription get auto-renewed?

Yes. The subscription can get renewed after one month, three months, or twelve months, depending on your payment plan.

Do users get a refund for unused period?

Do users get a refund for unused period?

No. The site only issues a refund for unused time if you have not started using the service.

Does the support to ThaiCupid get automatically renewed each month?

Yes. The automatic renewal can only stop if you cancel your subscription.

Can unsatisfied ThaiCupid users get their money back?

You should contact the client representative team whenever you are not happy with this platform. Something might get done to meet your requirements. The company will never return money to customers unless they have not started utilizing site features.

How does the ThaiCupid support appear on the credit card bill?

The billing name on a credit card statement gets determined by the credit card company. There are also other instances where ThaiCupid.com Southport AU or Cupid Media Internet GB will appear.

Can users support other ThaiCupid members?

That is between you and the other individual. Users may talk about financial support and anything else when communicating on this platform.

Can users subscribe for just one month?

Yes. This company offers a one-month payment membership for the two premium memberships that exist.

Is ThaiCupid platform safe?

Is ThaiCupid platform safe?

The dating company ensures the best security through its Scam Prevention experts and the security guidelines found on the site. A detailed privacy policy is available where users may read about what this entity stands for, its contact information, how it avoids scam, and more. Besides that, the site provides a link to a related website containing crucial data on keeping personal details safe while on the site.

ThaiCupid privacy

ThaiCupid’s website takes the privacy of its users seriously.

Are ThaiCupid messages encrypted?

The website uses SSL encryption to protect messages from getting read by unauthorized individuals. With the encryption, your chats will remain private even when you are using an unprotected internet connection.

Does ThaiCupid track users down?

This service monitors users’ activities. The things monitored include how much time members spend on the website, the sections they check, and so on.

Can the ThaiCupid platform get traced by the police?

The police cannot see your messages or private data on the website.

Who do users contact when they have issues regarding privacy in ThaiCupid?

Users should contact the site customer support team using the email account or phone number given on the site.

User safety

You can keep yourself safe on ThaiCupid’s site by using a strong password and avoiding sharing your private details. The service also uses SSL technology to protect private information. There is also McAfee on the website to ensure that devices do not get viruses when they access the site.

Does ThaiCupid moderate forums threads?

No. This platform is for adults who tend to use explicit vocabulary, which is not a good reason to block posts.

What happens to people who solicit money on ThaiCupid

You can block or report such members. The website administrators ban such users from the platform.

Banned profile

The site can ban your account if you engage in malicious activities.

Why is it impossible to access ThaiCupid?

Maybe you entered the wrong username or password. You will also not be able to access your account if you get banned.

For how long do users get banned at ThaiCupid?

Once you get banned from using this service, you will never be able to use the site again.

Can a banned account get reactivated?

You can write to the customer support team to request reactivation. If your request gets rejected, you will have to open a new account.

Protecting yourself

There are several things you can do to keep yourself safe on the ThaiCupid website. The service suggests that you use a different email address for your dating account. You can use emails from providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google.

Also, the platform takes safety seriously. There is an outstanding Fraud Prevention team that utilizes the best technology to help keep members safe.

How are scammers blocked and reported on the site

There exist several blocking sections on the ThaiCupid website. In the conversation section, you will find a block button for blocking people when reading a text. On the account section and Instant Messenger, there is a block button too. On Instant Messenger, users have to click on the More menu to block an individual. The moment you block someone, he/she can never be able to reach you again. You can view all the members you remove on the block section on the Activity menu.

There are additionally several ways of reporting someone on the ThaiCupid site. In the texts, there is the Report user button. On the accounts and Instant Messenger again, there is a Report Abuse button. To report an individual on the Instant Messenger section, you must click the More menu first. You should give sufficient information and proof when reporting someone. Enough evidence will enable service administrators to analyze the user.

What should you not post on ThaiCupid account?

You should never share private details such as financial information, family details, and anything else that can reveal your identity.

Customer service

The only way to get assistance on the ThaiCupid website is through an email address or a phone number.

User review

The platform is safe for anyone interested in beautiful Thailand women. The service uses SSL encryption, which protects the details you provide from leaking. There is also an option to block and report any person who engages in malicious activities.

Is ThaiCupid the leading dating service?

If you are looking to have fun or meet a serious marriage partner, you will see from every ThaiCupid review that it is a good platform to use.

Is ThaiCupid a safe platform?

Yes. The website is safe and ideal for use in any way you like.

Is ThaiCupid a hook-up site?

Most individuals on this website are interested in serious relationships. However, if you need a hookup, you may still find it.

Is ThaiCupid service free?

The only free services on this platform are the signup activity, the basic search features, sending texts, and interests. To enjoy additional features, you must upgrade your membership.

How the ThaiCupid platform works

The process of finding a partner on the site is quite similar to that on other similar dating sites. The only different thing here is that the number of females is low.

Anyone may look for gorgeous females from Australia and go through any profile that they like. The ThaiCupid site has a matchmaking algorithm that enables individuals to get suitable partners faster. To benefit from the matchmaking algorithm, users should give detailed information about themselves. The details you give are what the algorithm uses to connect you with individuals whose interests match yours.

Does ThaiCupid have fake members?

Yes. ThaiCupid’s platform has fake individuals, and it is possible to identify them because they are not verified.

Other services similar to ThaiCupid

  1. OpenMinded: This is a platform for ethical cheating.
  2. Geek2Geek: The site is for individuals that associate themselves with the geek.
  3. Coffee Meets Bagel: This is a new platform with more than seven million members.

Contact Details

Entity: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726, Australia


Australia: (07) 3062 4546

UK: 0808 164 8498

US or Canada: 1-855-356-0102

International telephone number: +61 7 3062 4546

Email: team@thaicupid.com


ThaiCupid is an interesting dating site that unites people from any place around the globe. The service aims to give the safest place for users. There is a customer support team that immediately takes care of all issues that users report. This platform additionally features many active users, which makes it easy for anyone to get a partner easily. Through this service, Thailand gets much closer to foreigners. ThaiCupid is an excellent service for anyone interested in dating.

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