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Political Dating Sites 2021: Best Apps for Those into Love & Politics

Best Political Dating Sites sites

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All You Need To Know About Political Dating Sites And Apps

Is Political Dating A Convenient Option Of Online Dating?

Political dating sites have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, and there is a reason for that. Your political inclination reveals a lot of information about who you are. Although some people choose their dates belonging to opposite political views, most people nowadays prefer to date people with similar political views. It has led to the rise of political dating sites that bring together people with similar political beliefs.

Based on the reports of an American survey in 2017, America’s successful marriages have partners supporting the same political party. Therefore, political compatibility is an essential element for building a successful relationship. Cross race or religious marriages can be successful, but most people do not often prefer cross political religion. Though some mainstream dating sites like OkCupid, Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble give importance to a person’s political beliefs, it has been found in dating sites. Liberals don’t want to date the conservatives.

Also, on the other hand, conservatives don’t prefer dating liberals. Trump supporters choose to swipe left or show uninterest to a person on such dating platforms. Keep on reading to know what are the advantages of Political Dating Sites.

The niche called political dating has grown over the years as people are not usually interested in dating individuals who hold a different political opinion. Political dating sites or apps bring together people with similar political values to be compatible with each other easily. As it is difficult to find dating partners with similar political views on the mainstream dating platforms apart from a few handful ones, political dating sites are specially created to solve this problem. On such platforms, you will be offered all the members who have similar political beliefs to you. So, you can choose among them and decide who will be ideal for you.

Do Online Platforms Provide An Ease In Finding You A Date With Similar Political Inclination?

Nowadays, relationships suffer from many differences, such as religious, racial, ethnic, etc. However, when two people are politically similar, it signifies that their core values are the same. So just like niche dating sites JDate, ChristianMingle, and BlackPeopleMeet help to find you easily compatible partners from the same community, political dating sites allow you to find partners from the same political background for spontaneous compatibility.

Suppose you are inclined towards political dating and want to choose people with similar political values. In that case, there is no better option than taking the help of a political dating app. These platforms let you meet plenty of people from the same political background, and you can easily choose the right one from so many options. Political dating sites give you more options to choose from than in the physical world. Both right-wingers and left-wingers can discover their compatible members by signing up on specific political dating sites that only cater to people from the same political group.

If you are a conservative or right-winger, many dating sites and apps have developed in recent years, such as Righter, Patrio, and Conservatives Only. TrumpSingles.com and Donald Daters are mainly created for the supporters f=of Republican president Donald Trump. On the other hand, you also have dating sites like Democrat People Meet, NeverTrump.dating, and Liberals for people from the opposite political groups. Most of the political dating sites reviews tell that, even if you don’t want to sign up on a so-called political dating site, you can get your membership on mainstream dating platforms that often display a person’s political inclination towards the profile information. Some of such websites are Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, and OkCupid.

As you can see, many options are there when it comes to political dating; so, creating an account on your preferred political dating sites should be the first step to start your political dating journey.

Do Political Dating Sites Work Efficiently?

The functions of political dating sites are almost similar to mainstream dating sites. The only difference is that individuals from a particular political group sign up for a membership on such platforms. And these websites take your political inclination into account while finding you the most preferred dating partner.

Are There Any Top Political Dating Apps?

The internet is filled with numerous dating sites with political niche, some prominent ones being:

  1. Democratic People Meet: It is a dating site created for the Democratic Party’s supporters. Like other political dating sites, single individuals meet each other on this virtual platform for flirting, chatting and arranging dates in a friendly environment. With the help of the live chat feature, you can discuss recent news updates and political ideologies with each other to make the bonding between you and your partner healthy. Another site for Democrats named Democratic Passions helps the members participate in a group discussion about their political views, which is an excellent community interaction scope.
  2. Donald Daters: A famous US-based dating app called Donald Daters functions in the same way as Tinder or OkCupid. This app, specially curated for Trump’s supporters, gives you daily matches according to your interests. You need to swipe right to like and swipe left to pass your matches. If both the persons like each other back, then a match is formed. There is a private messaging option that helps the members to communicate with each other. You can download this app from both the platforms Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.
  3. MyPoliticalPartner.com: It is one of the famous political dating sites UK people from any political party can use. Members need to choose their political beliefs from options like Liberal Democrats, Labour, Independent, Green, Conservative. The political opinion that you choose will decide the type of matches you will get.

Besides political beliefs, political dating sites also consider other interests such as lifestyle, educational qualifications, and hobbies as appropriate matchmaking parameters. However, the function of these political party dating sites is quite simple that you can easily comprehend. Here, you can enjoy private messages, live chat, and group discussions for comfortable communication. You will also like to use the other unique features of this dating site for fixing your date. So, there is no doubt that you will have a user-friendly experience on these dating sites.

Are There Any Free Political Dating Sites?

Most of the political dating sites consist of two types of membership – free and paid. Free or basic membership usually includes services like searching profiles, sending flirts, lining the profiles on other members, etc. Generally, a political dating site’s communication features are allowed only for premium members who subscribe to a paid membership.

However, from most of the political dating sites reviews, it has been found that some sites offer their services for free of cost. Libertarian Friends Date is a site for democrats and liberals to enjoy all the features for free. Other democratic sites like Democrat Singles, Democratic Dating Service, and Democratic People Meet offer free and paid membership plans. However, the available features for a free member will be limited.

On the contrary, most political dating sites like Patrio, Righter, and TrumpSingles for right-wingers have a premium or paid membership option that exposes them to this dating site’s advanced features. In case you don’t want to subscribe to the premium membership, you can use only the free services of this dating site. However, getting a paid membership will only enhance your chances of finding compatible dates quickly.

In the case of most of the political party dating sites, the membership cost is quite affordable. Also, if you take a long term membership plan, then it will be more profitable for you. For example, the one-month membership of Donald daters costs $29.99. However, if you take a six-month membership plan, the monthly cost will be reduced to $12.99. Also, a one-year membership plan will cost you only $9.99 every month. Every political dating site or app lets you cancel your membership anytime by going to your profile’s billing section. So, even if you are subscribing to a paid membership, you won’t have to worry about its cost and cancellation.

How To Tell If A Political Dating Site Is Suitable For You?

The choice of your most suitable political dating site depends on your political inclination. It would be best to choose the particular political party dating sites that offer services to the people who believe in the same political ideology.

Political dating sites like Patriot, Donal Daters, TrumpSingles.com, and Righter mainly provide their services to the right-wingers, whereas Democrat Singles, Democratic People Meet, Democratic Passions, Bernie Singles is specially curated for the individuals with a liberal and democratic ideology.

According to political parties, there is also a unique dating app called CandiDate that does not offer the members services. Instead, it gives preference to the political views based on their opinions on gay rights, abortion, gun reform, economy, and the environment. So, if you are more inclined towards these issues than being a supporter of any particular political party, then you can subscribe to one of the political dating sites.

Some political dating sites offer people from different political beliefs like Hinge, MyPoliticalPartner.com, Bumble, etc. You can sort out your partner according to your political view.

Things You Must Keep In Mind For Political Dating

Political dating is a bit different from the usual dating. Therefore, if you want to be successful in political dating, you need to follow specific tips and tricks to level up your dating game. These tips and tricks include-

  1. Choose the dating site according to your political values. The real purpose of political dating is to build a romantic relationship with the people who share the same political views as you. So, you have to choose your dating site accordingly. Liberals and democrats should choose the political dating sites that offer services to democrats. The supporters of Donald Trump can sign up to the dating sites that are exceptionally curated for right-wingers.
  2. Proper safety and security: While choosing a political dating site to subscribe to, you should consider the political dating sites’ safety and security policy. It is essential to subscribe to a secure platform so that your personal information, including political ones, don’t get leaked to third party individuals and organizations.
  3. Affordable Cost: If your political dating sites are not entirely free, you should look into the dating site’s cost. If you don’t find the price affordable, you should try to find a place that suits your budget. You can also take a long term membership plan so that your monthly cost reduces.
  4. User-friendly site: If the area you sign up for is not user-friendly and lacks speed, your user experience will be interrupted. Therefore, you should try to choose political dating sites that you can easily navigate and browse through. This will help you in a smooth and comfortable online dating experience.
  5. Good communication features: The political dating sites must have useful communication features, including both group and private chats, to express your political opinions freely and have good interaction with the community members. A live chat feature can help in discussing the latest news and arrange convenient meetups with your matches.
  6. Availability Of Mobile Application: As most of the young individuals are quite busy nowadays with their studies and always on the move, you should choose political dating sites that have a convenient mobile application to install on your phone. In the absence of a mobile application, the site’s mobile version also works for your phone browser.

Due to the growing political polarization globally, political belief has become an essential criterion to measure the compatibility between you and your partner. Also, the increasing awareness of women in politics has developed the need for political dating as a necessary dating niche. Political dating sites are doing noble jobs by bringing together people with similar political beliefs and connecting them to long-term relationships. So, if you consider politics to be an integral part of your personality and life, then sign up on the right political dating sites and choose your compatible partner.

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